Gastrointestinal Market Reports

The endoscopy devices market is wide-ranging and ever-changing, making keeping up with developments a complex, time-consuming challenge to say the least. But companies involved in this industry need to do just that in order to retain their competitive advantage.

Endoscopy device market research from iData takes the burdens of identifying opportunities and challenges off our clients’ plates.

iData Research has an ever-expanding medical market intelligence library consisting of focused, in-depth, accurate, and exclusive research you will not find anywhere else. Our highly qualified team of industry analysts follow a structured and independent research methodology designed to provide the most valuable return on actionable market data in the world.

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Endoscopy Devices Market Overview

The field of endoscopy will continue to evolve and grow as our global population expands. Sophisticated technology is ever-advancing, providing innovative new ways to not only detect diseases, but also to perform surgeries in the least invasive way possible. New methods of surgery are resulting in fewer complications and less scarring, and are also substantially reducing the amount of time that patients need to stay in the hospital.

As the population grows, so will the endoscopy devices market. These are just some examples of the devices that should continue to increase in demand:

  • Colonoscopes
  • Cytoscopes (used in the urinary bladder)
  • Nephroscopes (used in kidney examinations)
  • Rectoscopes (used in prostate resection)
  • Videoscopes


These devices are just a portion of a massive market that includes many, many different sub-segments. For example, the market for one particular device, the neuroendoscope, (used to remove small tumors in the nose, mouth or brain) also includes flexible fiberscopes, glass optic endoscopes, neuroendoscopic hand instruments and more.

Our endoscopy device market research reports drill down to identify all sub-segments that are pertinent to your interests, examining areas such as average product selling prices, current and potential markets, possible risks regarding those markets, and many others.

Benefits of Our Endoscopy Market Analysis

iData’s gastrointestinal market reports contain information on the trends and technology that will shape the future of the market, providing unbiased, accurate assessments of the factors that will both spur opportunities and potentially limit revenues. For more than a decade, companies have used our reports in many ways, such as supporting investment decisions and/or acquisition strategies, aiding in cash flow and financial planning, and many others.

Through our endoscopy device market research, we identify the reasons why some companies gain endoscopy market share while others lose it, in a wide variety of segments. This is the most telling indication of the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of a corporate strategy, of course, and is critically important to not only determine who is failing and succeeding, but also finding out why.

Our analysts employ time-tested methods of gathering information and giving sound strategic recommendations that allow our clients to maintain their competitive edge.

At iData, we continually monitor the endoscopy devices market in order to make sure we always provide the most up-to-date information for our clients. When you choose us, you can rest assured that we will be a reliable, trusted source of analysis. No matter what your research needs may be, we offer customized services to meet them.

If you would like to learn more about our gastrointestinal market reports, or you want more information about any other service we provide, please give iData Research a call at 1 (866) 964-3282 or contact us online.


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