What Our Clients Say

I love the accuracy of the data and the minimal processing required on our end.

Tela Bio
Mark Sellek

Excellent coverage on global markets

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
Ayako Kanamori

Pleased with communication – friendly, quick & reliable. Reports among most comprehensive in dental implant industry.

Nobel Biocare
Alex Pilet

Excellent reports and the ability to dive deeper into OUS markets at our request

Raoul Correa

The team was extremely responsive to all questions I had.

Randy Herrera

The data is reliable and the team has been very accommodating in meeting our needs and taking constructive feedback to make future reports even more attractive

Rick Swaim

iData has been extremely helpful in our market research, assisting in helping us make informed decisions about our product pipeline timing and release

Lauren Ardito

Excellent data all-around. I will recommend to other teams.

Caroline Speth

iData always provide Olympus great serviceand the data allows the team to work efficiently

Maggie Talierco

Pricing is excellent. OUS data is better than DRG/Clarivate Service is good

Cerapedics Inc.
K. Schelble

iData team was great to work with, answering all my questions in great detail and with quick responses. Also very helpful that report access is granted so quickly following purchase

LEK Consulting
Andrew Herbst

Great communication. Online access is very useful.

Spine Innovations
Laurie Hausswirth

Very useful reports. Will recommend iData

Pall / Danaher
Elizabeth Kachavos

The reports are long and comprehensive. You can find almost anything you want in the provided segments.

Timothy Gruber

Very quick turnaround to supply the report.

Signifier Medical Technologies Ltd
Chief Financial Officer

Useful data, easy experience with the iData team

Fujifilm Medical Systems Europe
Samiran Dey

Good precision in pinpointing details in a niche market

Panthera Dental
Kyle Steadman

The IData data set will inform our commercial strategy and will allow us to better understand our competitors pricing/and product sales for 2020 and 2021. The team was very easy to work with.

Tulavi Therapeutics
Rachel Armstrong

Great offering in the Endoscopy field.

Han Nguyen

iData Research provided us with an objective snapshot of the market and gave the level of detail that we needed. We use their report as a reference in various other reports, presentations, market plans that require market size and market share information by product area.

Topcon Medical Systems
VP Marketing

Data and reports were what we were looking for.

Dongyoen Kang

Immunology reports were very useful and well organized.

Scipher Medicine
Chris Arnell

Very easy to work with and received the report quite quickly.

Solvay Dental 360
Lara Thompson

We like the data and scope.

3D Industrial Imaging Co., Ltd.
Mr. Chinsa Kim

The team I worked with were great to get me the report that best suited our needs. They were fast to respond and resolved all technical issues.

Micro-Tech Endoscopy
Jessica Poles

Great customer service – happy to work with people who communicate well.

Attune Medical
Anthony DeLizza

iData covers a numbers of specific healthcare topics in depth with quality analysis and coverage.

Health Advances

Great data, friendly team that was very helpful, and gave us a good price.

Covalon Technologies
Cassandra Gardner

The sales team was proactive and patient in reaching out and communicating with us, maintained a professional and friendly attitude with us, and was flexible to work within our framework.

Market Intelligence Specialist

These reports were exactly what I was looking for so it made it easy to make the decision to purchase the report. I also inquired with others and their response was favorable.

Senior Director of Mkt and Business Development

iData follows a disciplined sales process, pays heed to our purchasing process, and delivers well on their promises. Good product, good service.

Hobbs Medical
Craig Cheyne

The team is very responsive and is focused on delivery to any specifications.

Eric Coolodge

Repeat customer with iData Research. Reports are current, appear accurate and are complete.

Svelte Medical Systems
VP Marketing & Sales

Sales team were very accommodating, making sure we purchased the correct data for our requirements.

University of St Andrews
University Research

I recommend iData in the cardiac surgery space.

Colibri Heart Valve

Customer service was good. Quick response to my report questions. I recommend iData.

World of Medicine
Melissa Cleveland

The data was thorough, clear and easily understood

River Source Medical

Excellent communication and great teamwork. We are very happy with our purchase and iData was able to get us industry specific results in the report we ordered, which was just what we needed.

Grant Oggel

Honestly, sales was so helpful and always there to answer any questions. They are so enthused about iData. The passion your employees have for what iData does is so admirable.

Opticis USA LLC
Lexie Jiang

Working with your Sales reps has made our job easier.

Cynthia Freeman

The research reports and service was great. We recommend iData to other companies.

NGK Spark Plug
Masami Kawashima

Easy to work with and execute data in a timely manner.

Northeast Scientific

Amazing customer service.

Ossio Ltd
Product Specialist

Nice contacts, fast follow-ups, appreciate the efforts to adjust offer to budget.

Sudpack Medica
Key Account Manager

Simply good all around.

Ulrich medical

Very useful insights and data sets and analysis.

The Boston Consulting Group

The reports are honestly very good.

The Parthenon Group

Working with iData’s team was a great experience – excellent responsiveness and flexibility to adapt to our requests, providing tailored solutions.

Bain & Company
Associate Consultant

The support team is responsive and handles questions quickly and professionally.

LifeNet Health
VP Sales

Most in-depth you’ll see anywhere. We understood each segment very deeply (eg how big is dental in the US).

McKinsey & Company

None – they’ve been great!

Bain & Company

The reports are very useful.

Product Manager

I like your reports and use them frequently.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
Product Manager / Infant Care

We use iData frequently and recommend them to others.

Duerr Dental AG
Marketing Manager

All is fine. Recommended.

Medartis AG

The report contains very useful data on number of indications per year- most other reports only contain the market size (dollars).

Acumed LLC
Director of Product Management

Excellent data and service. We look forward to purchasing more geography reports.

SF: Marketing/Product Manager

Very helpful reports to assess the dynamics of the European dental market.

Director of Sales and Marketing

Your team was VERY responsive and provided great follow up.

Planmeca USA
Lenny Asuncion

I find iData to be the best researched and most reliable market research service in the dental industry.

Ron Ellenbogen

We had a great follow-up from iData and I appreciated the fact they were willing to discuss and re-visit the data.

Avantec Vascular Corporation
Investment and Business Development

Very helpful support for new customer. The reports are valuable and I could get the data what I needed.

NGK Spark Plug
Assistant Manager

Team is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. They can quickly point you in the direction of the best report(s) to use. Very personable and
friendly too.

Patterson Companies
Brad Joseph

Easy to use report, responsive team.

LEK Consulting
Life Sciences Specialist

We rely on the iData report to gauge our current market climate. It is a good base to use as a benchmark for our business.

Nihon Kohden America
Marketing Communications and Tradeshow Manager

Great people who provide very fast service , and the good data which helps a lot.

Hangzhou AGS MedTech
Overseas Sales Manager

Great report format – comprehensive and easy to navigate.

Jeff Weber

iData offers a wide variety of reports and their service is very responsive.

Director of Product Management

Very prompt response on the request, very fast turn around report.


The data we received was thorough and helped us to make some important strategic decisions.


Professional report with comprehensive data. Very professional service by the sales representatives.

Product manager

I received great, personal customer service that helped ensure that the data I was purchasing would meet our business needs.

Quest Medical

Very fast to respond from analysts who know our market; Reasonably priced.

Shape Memory Medical
Mary Dennehy

First company to provide the most accurate research in our industry in Europe as well as globally.


iData reports are some of the most granular I’ve seen and they provide market information that I wasn’t able to find elsewhere.

DePuy Synthes

Nice work. Data is very helpful.

Aaron Swanson

Good to get a sense of where the market may be going.

Ascensia Diabetes Care

In general good content and well structured. As always with their reports trends and content were great.

Dentsply Sirona
Johan Holmstrom

The persistence of the iData team was useful and appreciated; their delivery methods were quick and easily accessible.

Nonin Medical, Inc
Brian Kane

Working with iData was fast and straight forward. Sales were very responsive and followed up on my questions.

Align Technology

We use iData to understand the procedural volume better. Adding more segmentation with every publication is great.

Terumo Europe Interventional Systems

We like the details in the reports, and want to see more frequent reports.


We recommend iData as a quality company.

Richard Wolf GmbH

iData has been a valuable resource for us.

DePuy Synthes
Jim Weide

iData has a very helpful customer service

Abbott Vascular
Senior Market Intelligence Analyst

Quick responses, flexible and good data.

Welch Allyn
Daniel Kok

I really like the consistent format of iData reports. They give you all you need but nothing extraneous.

Dentsply Sirona Prosthetics
Director of Sales - Western U.S.

The iData team was very helpful in recommending and presenting the available data so I could make informed decisions and adjust my business models. My experience was great. Very responsive and quick turnaround.

Bausch + Lomb
Product Manager

iData provided me with the data I was looking for quickly after my request. I found the quality of the report very high.


Serious company and people involved in this matter

Meiji Pharma Spain (formerly Tedec Meiji Farma)

Very easy to work with.

Adam Hopkin

iData provided outstanding service. Custom proposals were received in a timely manner and we appreciate their follow up with us to answer questions.

Karl Storz Endoscopy
Dora Fong

Great attention to detail, and ability to navigate through and tough landscape! It was spot on effective with data and timing to have it to us.

Portfolio Marketing Manager - Neuro Spine ENT

We use iData’s reports to compare markets across the world and are happy to recommend their services to others.

Marketing Manager- Orthobiologics

We believe iData research has the most reliable reports in the world at a fair price.

Hiroyuki Ono

We have relied on iData for their Global custom research into Oncological devices.


Great job. I look forward to your global reports.


Great experience. Looking forward to the updates

Smiths Medical

Excellent quality of both Custom and Syndicated research.

Bioventus, LLC

I’m looking forward to continuing the Brainlab relationship with iData in the future.

Meraj Khan

In my point of view, idata reports are the most accurate available on the market. They are complete and provide global information.

Acteon Group (Sopro)
Laurent Zenou

iData has high quality reports for medical device markets and products

Integra Lifesciences
Charles Stone

Very thorough and easy to access, the iData market research report is a useful reference tool for marketing planning

Sr. Product Manager

Great data. We recommend the complete searchable catalog such as iData Online.

Nihon Kohden America
Marketing Communications and Tradeshow Manager

Thorough data with volume, ASP, and value – all I expect and need; data is also broken down in multiple ways (care settings, device
features) which are meaning to my market research.

Marketing Manager

I was impressed with the depth and breadth of information contained in the report.

Zimmer Biomet
Jordan Fein

Excellent customer service team. Consistent and thorough feedback.

Group Marketing Manager - Foot & Ankle Stryker

The iData team is responsive and friendly, and the MedSKU data is processed in such a way that saves our internal team time.

Associate Manager - Commercial Analytics

Great service from the team. Reports proved very insightful and relevant. Appreciate the willingness & flexibility to customize the reports in order to meet our needs.

Anika Therapeutics
Exec Director Americas Marketing

We love iData reports and consulting services and use them on an ongoing basis.


The iData team uses a very thorough process to gather their market research which I trust. The process to acquire the data is very
efficient and their charts and graphs are very helpful to explain the data.

David Perry

iData provides a very good market recap and strategic planning tool to a level making it a must for any responsible leader. Customer support is quite perfect too.

Amir Peled

The iData team was very responsive, compiled our custom reports efficiently and delivered on promised completion dates. The data was exactly as discussed and compiled in a format that was clear. Will certainly use iData again.

Scott Aldrich Jr.

We recommend iData research to others. Keep up the good work and keep improving.

ICU Medical

Great job on quality and consistency for many years.


Highly recommended.

Edwards Lifesciences
Product Manager

Data coverage and accuracy was excellent.

Bayer Inc.
Marketing Director

Very positive experience – everyone was extremely helpful

Carestream Dental
Edward Shellard

Continue the good work.


Accurate and detailed reports. We will recommend you to other devisions.

Marketing Manger

Great overall experience with iData Research as a company. The type of research they provide should be part of all new product
development efforts.

Aurora Spine
Laszlo Garamszegi

Working with iData is pretty smooth. There was an instance where we needed fast delivery of a report and the iData team was very responsive and helpful to ensure we received it that day.

Marketing Manager

iData was great to work with and very knowledgeable. We received a great report that will provide value and insights to our colleagues around the globe.

Dentsply Sirona
Kelly Morrison

The iData team understood our request and suggested an even better methodology to get the results that we needed

Innovative BioPharma
Chris Brine

These are nicely presented research reports.

GI Supply
Vice President ofMarketing at GI Supply

I found the team professional, helpful and accommodating in my evaluation. The product quality is better than other reports I’ve purchased.

Vyaire Medical
Director, Global Marketing and Product Management-Neonatal Ventilation and Consumables

The team was very responsive and provided great follow ups.

Planmeca USA
Product Marketing Manager

Detailed data by product category is useful and easy to understand.

Terumo Corporation
Business Development Department

Very easy to work with and received the report quite quickly.

Solvay Dental 360
Lara Thomspon

iDate is our preferred and trusted market information provider for the Spine. Their reports are extremely comprehensive and very accurate, which allows us to make critical business decisions with confidence.

Senior Market Research Analyst
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