What is iData’s Subscription Model?

iData’s Subscription Model is an empowering service provided to key clients whose market intelligence needs change and evolve. This service provides the means to acquire a tailored assortment of solutions, allowing the design of a comprehensive and personalized market analytics. Your subscription can be allocated towards obtaining any combination of the following solutions:

Market Research Reports


Procedure Tracker Insights

Medical Surveys

Customized Consulting Services

How Does the Subscription Model Work?

The subscription model offers a versatile approach to leveraging your increased purchasing power across a broad spectrum of products and solutions, including custom consulting projects. By opting for iData’s subscription model, you have the flexibility to blend and select from a comprehensive range of iData solutions.

If you choose to purchase the $20,000/year subscription for example , you gain a purchasing power of $24,000 for a one-year subscription or $28,000 for a two-year subscription. For example, let’s say you choose the two-year subscription, you can combine:

Global Vascular Access Market Report$9,995

US Midlines MedSKU Project~$10,000

Custom Consulting~$8,000

The two-year subscription increases your purchasing power by $8,000 every year, or $16,000 over the period of two years.

What Does the Subscription Model Have to Offer?

Upon subscribing, individuals will be able to purchase any combination of solutions they desire within their subscription. Throughout the subscription period, clients will receive automatic updates for any reports/solutions they have acquired. Additionally, subscribers are able to upgrade their subscription level at any time during the subscription period.

Billing occurs annually, ensuring a straightforward and predictable financial commitment. Furthermore, all subscriptions conclude either 12 or 24 months from the initial commencement date, providing a clear timeline for the subscription duration. This structure allows subscribers to seamlessly access ongoing updates and tailor their subscription to meet evolving needs.

Why Choose Subscription?


    • Predictable budgets with fixed monthly or annual fees. Lower overall costs.
    •  Lower overall costs compared to individual report purchases.

Convenience & Flexibility

    • One-stop access, eliminating the need for multiple solution providers.
    • Flexibility to explore different reports or other solutions based on changing needs.

Access to Diverse Content

    • Centralized platform for access to a broad range of reports.
    • Continuous updates keep subscribers informed on various topics.

Customization & Personalization

    • Tailored content preferences for preparation of personalized insights.
    • Custom consulting meets individual research gaps.

What Our Clients Say

I love the accuracy of the data and the minimal processing required on our end.

Tela Bio

Mark Sellek

Excellent coverage on global markets

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Ayako Kanamori

Pleased with communication - friendly, quick & reliable. Reports among most comprehensive in dental implant industry.

Nobel Biocare

Alex Pilet

Excellent reports and the ability to dive deeper into OUS markets at our request


Raoul Correa

The team was extremely responsive to all questions I had.


Randy Herrera

The data is reliable and the team has been very accommodating in meeting our needs and taking constructive feedback to make future reports even more attractive


Rick Swaim

iData has been extremely helpful in our market research, assisting in helping us make informed decisions about our product pipeline timing and release


Lauren Ardito

Excellent data all-around. I will recommend to other teams.


Caroline Speth

iData always provide Olympus great serviceand the data allows the team to work efficiently


Maggie Talierco

Pricing is excellent. OUS data is better than DRG/Clarivate Service is good

Cerapedics Inc.

K. Schelble

iData team was great to work with, answering all my questions in great detail and with quick responses. Also very helpful that report access is granted so quickly following purchase

LEK Consulting

Andrew Herbst

Great communication. Online access is very useful.

Spine Innovations

Laurie Hausswirth

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