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Brand and SKU-level Tracking for Medical Device Markets

Making strategic decisions at the brand level with confidence can be challenging, especially when the competitors’ pricing structures are less known. While iData’s healthcare market reports help you understand and act upon overall trends and investment opportunities with real data, you might need extra information to see the movement of market shares, pricing or unit sales at the level of your competitors’ brand or SKU.

MedSKU is an accurate brand-level custom solution that provides a level of detail for a go-to strategy of medical device companies of any size. By analyzing competitor sales data on a quarterly or annual basis, MedSKU delivers advanced market analytics and in-depth SKU and brand-level pricing analyses. Built on timely and granular data, MedSKU displays key metrics including unit volume, ASPs, and revenue within an interactive dashboard.

Track Units Sold and ASPs by Brand and SKU

Track Competitor Shares & Growth Rates

Timely Data with Monthly or Quarterly Updates

Disposables & Capital Equipment Data

How is an Accurate Competitor Brand Data Captured?

MedSKU uses a sample of 1700+ reporting hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) to gather purchase order data and sales information. After combining this with rigorous primary research, ongoing for over a decade, MedSKU is able to deliver a cross-verified and highly accurate depiction of the market, unlike any other. This is used to identify growth opportunities and guide strategic market positioning. Clients have reported tangible increase in market share through optimum price labelling and implementing the best practices of their competitors, using MedSKU.

What Our Clients Say

I love the accuracy of the data and the minimal processing required on our end.

Tela Bio

Mark Sellek

Excellent coverage on global markets

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Ayako Kanamori

Pleased with communication - friendly, quick & reliable. Reports among most comprehensive in dental implant industry.

Nobel Biocare

Alex Pilet

Excellent reports and the ability to dive deeper into OUS markets at our request


Raoul Correa

The team was extremely responsive to all questions I had.


Randy Herrera

The data is reliable and the team has been very accommodating in meeting our needs and taking constructive feedback to make future reports even more attractive


Rick Swaim

iData has been extremely helpful in our market research, assisting in helping us make informed decisions about our product pipeline timing and release


Lauren Ardito

Excellent data all-around. I will recommend to other teams.


Caroline Speth

iData always provide Olympus great serviceand the data allows the team to work efficiently


Maggie Talierco

Pricing is excellent. OUS data is better than DRG/Clarivate Service is good

Cerapedics Inc.

K. Schelble

iData team was great to work with, answering all my questions in great detail and with quick responses. Also very helpful that report access is granted so quickly following purchase

LEK Consulting

Andrew Herbst

Great communication. Online access is very useful.

Spine Innovations

Laurie Hausswirth

Insights to Uncover With SKU-Level Data

  1. Record monthly, quarterly and annual changes in ASP, units sold and revenue.
  2. Monitor shifts in market share on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  3. Uncover how end-user pricing varies by distributor, facility size and region e.g. How much do Becton Dickinson, Cardinal Health, Medline, Owens Minor, etc. charge for Becton Dickinson’s Max Zero Needleless Connector SKU MZ10000-07? Do larger facilities pay less than smaller facilities? Do facilities in the South pay less than those in the Northeast?
  4. See which distributors sell the most of any given SKU e.g. Is Becton Dickinson’s Max Zero Needleless Connector SKU MZ10000-07 sold more by Cardinal Health or Medline?
  5. Track market share by region and facility size e.g. Is Baxter stronger in the South or Northeast? Does Baxter perform better in smaller or larger facilities?

How Our Clients Use MedSKU Consulting

  1. Identify high-performing product groups to aid in product development
  2. Employ MedSKU data in demand forecasting models for existing products and in inventory planning for products under development
  3. Create competitive analysis briefings for your sales team in preparation for upcoming product launches
  4. Generate monthly and quarterly reports to update your sales team on the shifting competitive landscape
  5. Implement monthly and quarterly reports to measure the success of marketing campaigns and recent product launches
  6. Use pricing data to negotiate more profitable distribution and licensing agreements

Customizable Reporting Frequency

MedSKU consulting allows you to select the market segments, manufacturers, brands and SKUs, that matter to you. You can then choose between Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, or Monthly† updates.

Includes Summary Tables for Quick Comparisons

What Exactly Do You Get with MedSKU?

Your corporate license data set will be compiled, verified and put together by a team of analysts specialized in looking at high volumes of product data. This data set will be formatted to give you filtering options on different product attributes.

Through a familiar Excel format, pivot tables and pivot charts are provided to give your team quick access to the insights that you will be excited to see. This allows you to easily manipulate the data or transfer it into presentations and reports. Alternatively, you can opt for a Tableau visualization file which can also be provided (separate licensing fees apply for tableau users). MedSKU clients will also have access to the analyst team for clarification and questions regarding the data they receive, as well as feedback opportunities to improve the customization.

Having iData, and MedSKU – Brand and SKU-level consulting service as your market intelligence partner will give your product team the advantage it needs to excel in this highly competitive market.

Request a MedSKU Quote

It takes one minute to fill this request to receive a free quote, but the discovery of upside potential for your company’s brand positioning, pricing, market penetration and sales activity deployment, is tremendous. See the feedback in Testimonials from many companies who have taken advantage of MedSKU and gained significant share in their niche market, within weeks.

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