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Internal Data

iData has been dedicated to the healthcare intelligence market for over 16 years, and has numerous internal databases and deep-data discoveries for over 9000 market segments in the medical device, biologics, IT, Equipment, dental and pharmaceutical industries world-wide.

iData Online

An integrated online solution to provide access to reports and custom solutions on platforms such as personal computer, tablet and cell phone. You can access thousands of market segments, charts and excel tables online. Search within a document or across the entire catalogue. Whether at work, home, conference or travelling, you can rely on iData Online to be your constant intelligent companion.

Interactive Dashboards

These dashboards are custom built for every client and integrated with their existing platforms as required. Products that are integrated with such dashboards are MedSKU, Procedure Tracker and Surveys. The main aim of such deliverables is to make the process of studying such large datasets easier and the emerging trends and potential conclusions, more seamless.

Excel Data Format

Excel is one of the most versatile platforms for data manipulation, transfer and presentation. Almost all datasets and models are built or transferred into Excel. Dashboards are then built in either Excel or Tableau before delivery to clients.

Portable Document Format

PDF documents are made for the ease of sharing, on-screen reading and printing. They are used to format any text based reports and are the most liked and asked for deliverable.

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