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A unique look at global Immunology, Cancer, Oncology, Anesthesia, and Vaccines drug markets, to identify sales and growth opportunities, with data-driven intelligence and actionable protocols.

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Global Drug Markets

The global pharmaceutical industry is greatly impacted by the introduction of new drugs, patent-expirations, first-to-market strategies and clinical trials like never before. A wholesome examination of the global healthcare industry and the role of pharmaceutical products to alleviate pain and suffering, requires a serious look at forces that cause the ebb and flow of markets in various regions of the world.

Who Can benefit from iData
Pharma Research?”

iData Pharma’s 9-step methodology enables and empowers investors and analysts from small start-ups to pharmaceutical giants to gain full insight into global markets for Immunology, Cancer, Oncology, Anesthesia, and Vaccines, and what makes these markets grow or decline, and how they are affected by the forces of change related to policy, reimbursement, pricing, technology, economy, regulations or demographics.

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iData’s Global Presence

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What can you Expect from iData
Pharma Research?

You will find not only revenue forecasts in the iData Pharma custom reports, but also units sold, average selling prices of each drug by geography and market shares of products and manufacturers by country or region. Our custom reports analyse and explain commercial prospects at the global, regional, national and product levels, for each topic. This will empower you to assess opportunities and commercial potentials for your related products and services.

iData Pharma package includes

  • Revenue and market size analysis
  • Market share by drug
  • SWOT competitive analysis
  • Units sold by drug
  • Annual drug cost analysis
  • Disease prevalence and treated population size
  • Patent expiry analysis
  • Product assessment and clinic

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What Our Clients Say

What Global Pharmaceutical
Markets are Covered?”

iData Pharma – Pharmaceutical Consulting Service specializes in the global research for the following markets

Pharmaceutical Consulting Service


Pharmaceutical Consulting Service


Pharmaceutical Consulting Service


Pharmaceutical Consulting Service

Crohn’s Disease

Pharmaceutical Consulting Service


Pharmaceutical Consulting Service

Ulcerative Colitis

Pharmaceutical Consulting Service

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Pharmaceutical Consulting Service


Pharmaceutical Consulting Service


Pharmaceutical Consulting Service


How our clients are using iData Pharma?”

  • Use pricing data to negotiate more profitable distribution licensing agreements
  • Become abreast of up-to-date clinical trials and release or revision dates of drugs
  • Create competitive analysis briefings for sales teams for upcoming product launches
  • Make confident decisions leading to better planning for investments, mergers, and acquisitions
  • Discover global opportunities for business development, geographical and indication expansions

Customization and Bundling

Global custom reports are usually extensive, but you might not need an extremely detailed report across every disease, or across every region. Our team will work with you to select the qualitative and quantitative data you need and get you the highest quality and most cost-effective solution that fits your budget and timeline.

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