Procedure Tracker

Procedure Tracker is a sales accelerator which identifies potential high-value clients and sales opportunities. It determines where, how often and by whom the activity or procedures are performed.

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How can Procedure Tracker
Accelerate your Sales?

Procedure Tracker allows you to build the ultimate book of business with everything you need to know, to generate your medical and marketing sales strategy:
  • Target and prioritize regions and accounts based on procedure volumes
  • Gain tactical edge by understanding facility-level procedures and diagnosis volumes
  • Generate leads ranked by medical procedure volumes
  • Project sales and quotas based on market potential by hospital/ASC
  • Measure your company’s performance by hospital/ASC through procedure analytics

What can you expect from Procedure Tracker?

Procedure Tracker gives you data and analytics in medical procedures. This volume-tracking tool measures surgical and diagnostic procedures in Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs), Office-based Labs (OBLs) and Private Clinics, by payers and physicians.

Well-over 70,000 ICD, CPT and DRG codes and over 100 Million procedures are screened, analyzed, parsed and categorized on a case-by-case basis to preserve data integrity. The true picture of the market landscape is built and made accessible through customized dashboards for easy interaction.

medical and marketing sales strategy

Completely Customizable

Based on procedure types, HCPCS, or ICD-10 Codes

medical and marketing sales strategy

National to Physician Level

View procedure volumes for the national, state, hospital, and physician levels.

medical and marketing sales strategy

By In/Outpatient

View Outpatient and Inpatient Data or purchase one set of data

medical and marketing sales strategy

Multi-Sourced, By Setting

Sourced from Medicare, Medicaid, Private Payer, Out-of-Pocket, Hospital, ASC, OBL, Clinics,

What Our Clients Say

Global Scope by Region and Country

Procedure Tracker can also be customized to provide national and regional level procedural estimates for 3000+
market segments in over 60 countries world-wide.

Procedure Tracker is a Sales Accelerator

Whether you’re interested in accelerating your sales in the United States through procedure analytics by generating your medical and marketing sales strategy or intend to launch your products globally and want to explore opportunities through performed procedures, schedule a demo with iData Research to see Procedure Tracker at work.

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