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Custom research is a unique and client-centric research undertaking, which is completely designed, refined and driven by you. It allows your company to identify the exact data and insight you require, within the timeline you assign. It is fashioned in order to answer your specific questions within the global, regional or national markets, segments, and sub-segments of your choice.

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Custom Research and Consulting:
A Global Coverage

Consulting with iData to create your custom research solutions may include your choice of: primary market segments and sub-segments, units sold, average selling prices, procedure volume, market drivers and limiters, market potential for new products, mergers and acquisitions, competitors’ landscape and shares, as well as voice-of-the-customer surveys.

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What is iData’s Custom
Research Process?

The process starts with partnering with iData’s experienced analyst team, to go through the following four steps, addressing the challenges and opportunities facing your business. They will also provide you with insights that would guide your marketing and sales decisions:

Assess the Needs

We assess your needs in detail so that we understand not only your final desired outcome but also the drivers behind them. This will be initiated either through a conference call or completing our request form.

Define the Scope

We will develop a solution framework with an associated cost-efficient offer through a proposal, covering the exact content, methodology and timeline for your approval.

Start and Refine

We will assign an experienced multi-disciplined team to embark on your project, using iData’s 9-step methodology. You will receive regular updates throughout the project, confirming at each step that the project is meeting your needs.

Deliver and Support

Following completion of your custom research, the quality assurance team will examine the project in its entirety and deliver to you in the format of your choice. Product consultants will then follow up to ensure your full satisfaction

Custom Research Case Study

Assess the Needs

Client: Leading global dental manufacture

Need : Determine why their teeth whitening products under-performing

Want : Detailed landscape of the market and insight into their customer’s opinions

Long Term Goal : Increase profitability

Define the Scope

Collaborate with the client to develop a comprehensive grasp of the objectives.

In this case, the client needed both their customers’ impressions of the company and it’s product lines, as well as global market influences.

iData proceeded to combine our 9-step methodology with Client-Specific Surveys to achieve quantifiable results.

Start and Refine

A global analysis of the total number of teeth whitening procedures being performed revealed the reason for the low sales.

While American patients often requested teeth whitening, the European demand largely dependent on dentists’ promotion of this service.

Deliver and Support

After receiving the result of our research, the client choose to capitalize on the U.S. market by promoting their products directly to the consumer rather than the dentist, realize that it was truly the patients driving sales.

In Europe, they focused on dentists to whom they would rely on as distributors for their teeth whitening products.

With their newly informed marketing approach, the client can expect to see growth in their once under-performing product lines.

Custom Research & Consulting

Our custom research and consulting services implement unique strategies to fulfill, not only the gap in the research you need, but also the hidden insights into potential markets, you wish for

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