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Our specialized medical market research and consulting services support you with unique strategies to fulfill your vision and complement internal market intelligence.

You will be partnered with our team of business, economic, market, financial and strategic analysts to address the challenges and opportunities facing your business and to provide insight and systematic intelligence to guide marketing and sales decisions.


You need specific data on healthcare markets, and you need it to be reliable. We get that, and that’s why we stand behind our solutions and the methods used to create them. Our work isn’t done until you’re satisfied with the end product.

The top medical, dental, and pharmaceutical companies trust our team of consultants to provide them with a wide spectrum of market intelligence in order to achieve the following results:    

  • Understand new markets both locally and internationally
  • Acquire procedure, incidence and prevalence figures, locally and internationally
  • Develop or select next generation products
  • Prioritize research and development efforts
  • Quantify the market potential for new products
  • Obtain snapshots of on-going competitive intelligence and surveillance
  • Evaluate merger and acquisition targets

We are able to produce reports on regions and segments not traditionally available in off­-the-shelf market data. Moreover, a particular product of interest can be studied in deeper segmentation so a new “bottom-up” report can be compiled, specifically targeted for your needs.


What are some of the largest unmet/underserved needs of an aging demographic that could be addressed by the private sector?

Our senior team of analysts are knowledgeable in healthcare segments as they relate to an aging demographic. For example, our team has already identified unmet needs in the orthopedic biomaterials market. We have a thorough understanding of the market drivers and limiters relating to each segment.

Where are the opportunities to lower cost, enhance health, and improve access using health technology?

We design statistically significant surveys for end-users and physicians. We can identify these key areas by reflecting on our many years of research within the health technology industry in addition to analyzing survey results.

What are the primary market segments, sub-segments and who are key or innovative players and what are they providing?

Our report titles cover hundreds of market sub-segments. We pride ourselves in our deep segmentation and our competitor analysis of all key players and new entrants to the marketplace.

What are the market sizes and the target/potential demographic niche of each market segment? What is the penetration within those demographics and the potential for growth?

Our research reveals precise segment and sub-segment market sizes, market shares and trend analysis for a ten year period.

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SWOT Analysis: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the existing technology solutions? (i.e. how easy/difficult to use is the technology and what developments could serve as tipping points?)

Technology is a major component influencing the medical device market. We keep on top of emerging technologies worldwide, monitoring product development, barriers to entry and relevant government regulations.

What is the potential for revenue, partnership and impact across a large number of users?

iData not only identifies the various market segments for each sector but we study units sold, mergers and acquisitions, average selling prices and revenues for each segment forecast, usually five to seven years.

How mature are the markets, and what are the adoption barriers? (i.e. pricing, usability, attitudes). How might these barriers be overcome?

The research we conduct includes average selling prices, procedure numbers, market values, growth rates, and historical data in addition to a complete competitor analysis. With this information at our disposal, we can confidently assess barriers and suggest strategies for overcoming low adoption rates.

Wondering What Medical Device Markets We Cover?

We go where you need us to, but here is a list of common medical device areas we research:


With over 10 years of experience in custom medical market research, you can rest assured we’ve done a similar project before. The case study below is just a small sample of the work we do.

Client Needs

With many product lines thriving, a leading global dental manufacturer was perplexed by underperforming devices in their product line, specifically a teeth whitening product. After internal analysis they determined that without a detailed landscape of the market, and insight into their customer’s opinions, they would never uncover the mystery of these underperformers. Impressed by iData’s accuracy in a previous report, they contacted us for a broader perspective that would contextualize their product lines and inform the changes needed to increase profitability.

Project Overview

First, the iData Team collaborated with the client to develop a comprehensive grasp of the objectives. The client’s understanding of the full picture was crucial. They needed both their customers’ impressions of the company and its product lines, in addition to global market influencers. iData proceeded to combine our eight-step research methodology with Client Specific Surveys to achieve quantifiable results. By conducting a survey with an objective sample of end-users, the client could ensure their decision-making would be based on valid, unbiased information.


iData examined market penetration and took net promoter scores for the teeth whitening product line. The researchers assessed how many doctors were offering teeth whitening and analyzed the data for market limiters by shedding light on market differences between countries. iData’s thorough ground-up approach and global reach revealed reasons for the low sales. While American patients often requested teeth whitening, the European demand largely depended on the dentists’ promotion of this service. With this new information, the client could now plan their marketing efforts appropriately.

Follow Up

After learning the survey results, the client was eager to formulate a new and improved sales strategy. They chose to capitalize on the U.S. market by promoting their products directly to the consumer rather than the dentist, realizing that it was truly the patients driving sales. In Europe, they focused on dentists to whom they would rely on as distributers for their teeth whitening products. iData’s team is pleased to have succeeded in exposing the sociological trends that were undermining the client’s sales in a quantifiable manner. With their newly informed marketing approach, the client can expect to see growth in their once underperforming product lines.


Our team of analysts appreciates working on specialized medical marketing research because it is a level of involvement we don’t get when selling syndicated reports. Your needs become central in the creation of the research strategy, and every project is unique. We develop an understanding of your exact situation and how we can help you succeed in the market.

Start Planning Your Research

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