The ophthalmic devices market is substantial, accounting for an estimated $31 billion in 2015 alone. iData conducts eye care industry analysis aimed at helping our clients gain a competitive edge and grow their market share. We dive deep into trends so that we can provide the intelligence you need in order to make the most well-informed strategic decisions possible.

iData Research has an ever-expanding medical market intelligence library consisting of focused, in-depth, accurate, and exclusive research you will not find anywhere else. Our highly qualified team of industry analysts follow a structured and independent research methodology designed to provide the most valuable return on actionable market data in the world.

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Ophthalmology Market Overview

The ophthalmic devices market encompasses not only diagnostic and surgical tools, but also end-user products such as contact lenses, glasses and many, many others. Our ophthalmology market research takes an in-depth look at several different aspects of the industry, and our staff of experts spends hours crafting each report we provide.

Whether you want to focus on a specific sub-segment of a particular market or you’re more interested in an overview of the industry, we can provide you with a reliable, accurate eye care industry analysis that meets your exact needs.

Devices included in our eye care industry analysis include:

  • Autorefractors and keratometers
  • Binocular indirect ophthalmoscopes
  • Corneal topographers
  • Fundus cameras
  • Ophthalmic ultrasound systems
  • Optical biometers
  • Optical coherence tomographers (OCTs)
  • Perimeters
  • Slit lamps
  • Tonometers
  • Wavefront aberrometers


The ophthalmic devices market is continually being enhanced by innovative devices and technologies designed to meet an increasing worldwide demand for economical solutions to eye disorders such as cataracts, refractor disorders and others. As the prevalence of diseases affecting the eye increases across the globe, the market is expected to continue to grow steadily through the coming years.

Growth Factors and Limitations

Even though demand is expected to increase as the world population ages, due to factors such as greater acceptance of minimally invasive eye procedures such as LASIK, there are some limiting factors as well. One of the most important is the fact that many ophthalmic devices are extremely expensive — especially those that need to be exported. In addition, there is a need for qualified ophthalmic doctors in emerging countries, which could also hinder growth in certain geographical reasons.

Overall, however, the outlook should remain positive for the foreseeable future. Increasing demand for surgical procedures, as well as better patient outcomes associated with these surgeries, should continue to drive the market.

Eye Care Industry Analysis Methodology

iData Research is staffed with professionals who have expertise across several disciplines. A cornerstone of our reporting philosophy is continued improvement and a firm grasp of quality control. Each team of analysts assumes full responsibility for the accuracy and quality of the reports they produce. As a result, our clients have full confidence that the final product they receive will provide them the reliable, actionable intelligence they’re looking for.

Please get in touch with iData if you would like more information on our ophthalmology market research reports or any other service that we provide. For more than a decade, companies of all sizes have turned to us for the research they need to make the best possible strategic decision. Contact us online or give us a call at 1 (866) 964-3282 for more information.


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