Project Initiation & Team Selection

The research objectives and project scope are defined in detail at this stage, together with a team of senior and support analysts, research managers, market consultants, account managers, partners, industry advisors, and key customers.


Data Collection & Secondary Research

The procedural, brand level and relational databases are developed. Once the organizational framework is complete, secondary research (i.e., data collected from all sources besides interviews) commences.


Interviews & Questionnaire Design

Interviews with industry insiders represent the single most reliable way to obtain accurate data about market conditions, trends, threats, and opportunities. All iData research analysts undergo extensive training in interview design, strategies, and techniques.


Primary Research

Insights from participants are used to modify market models and cross-verify secondary research and competitor insights. Interview results are then corroborated with estimates obtained from secondary research, including procedural study and brand analysis. Any misleading information is eliminated at this stage.


Research Analysis

Following the completion of the primary research, the collected information is synthesized into an accurate view of the market. Base-year market benchmarking is created in order to establish a strong foundation for future analysis and forecasts.


Market Forecast & Analysis

A proprietary method is used to combine statistical data with opinions of industry experts and end-users to forecast future market values. This combines information on market trends, maturity indicators, changes in regulatory policies, and other qualitative data to ensure that the forecast accurately reflects all the key factors affecting the market.


Strategic Opportunity Identification

By tracking and analyzing the changes in competitors’ market shares, the effectiveness of successful market strategies is evaluated and strategic recommendations on how to succeed in the future are made.


Final Review & Market Release

Following a built-in philosophy of quality control, each analyst team together with publication counter-parts follow a process of rigorous cross-verification and comparison to verify and refine the final draft of each report to guarantee superior and accurate results for iData clients.


Customer Feedback & Monitoring

Every iData customer is encouraged and contacted to provide feedback, while free clarification and elucidation of any issues are most willingly offered. Our research publications are considered to be dynamic market databases. By constantly monitoring the markets on which the research is based, an enduring market relationship is fostered.


Application of iData’s 9-Step Methodology

Our clients use the insights and forecasts from our reports and services in the following ways:
  • Gauging timing and size of research and development activities
  • Helping production departments plan to gear up or gear down to meet demand
  • Assessing how quickly to increase or decrease sales force activities
  • Aiding in allocating management attention
  • Creating strategies for new product development
  • Supporting investment decisions
  • Aiding in the business planning process
  • Serving as a credible, independent check on company internal forecasts
  • Supporting acquisition strategies
  • Assisting in allocating marketing investments
  • Supporting company financial and cash flow planning
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