The reports and consulting services by iData meet the highest standards of quality because each of our products goes through a rigorous and systematic 9-Step Research Methodology. This methodology has been shown to consistently produce accurate, reliable, and relevant assessments of both present and future markets.

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9-Step Research Methodology

Application of iData’s 9-Step Methodology

Our clients use the insights and forecasts from our reports and services in the following ways:
  • Gauging timing and size of research and development activities
  • Helping production departments plan to gear up or gear down to meet demand
  • Assessing how quickly to increase or decrease sales force activities
  • Aiding in allocating management attention
  • Creating strategies for new product development
  • Supporting investment decisions
  • Aiding in the business planning process
  • Serving as a credible, independent check on company internal forecasts
  • Supporting acquisition strategies
  • Assisting in allocating marketing investments
  • Supporting company financial and cash flow planning
9-Step Research Methodology