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With an ever-expanding medical market report library that is focused, in-depth and accurate, we can provide you with exclusive information to give you the advantage over your competitors.  Our highly qualified team of industry analysts follow a structured and unique research methodology designed to provide you with the most valuable and actionable market data in the world.


Each healthcare marketing report we produce involves hours of rigorous analysis so that we provide our clients with the best possible picture of the competitive landscape, and the factors that will determine market share for many years to come.

After conducting interviews with several different industry experts, we then synthesize the data we collect in order to compile an accurate picture of the size of the market. We then provide market-specific forecasts, highlighting the factors that will drive growth, as well as those that could present challenges. Our team of analysts always strives to provide our clients with invaluable healthcare market resources they can use to help shape their strategies.

Our proprietary methodology combines the opinions of experts with sound statistical data to deliver the highest-quality healthcare business resources. We identify the technologies, trends and treatments that will help shape the future of the industry, and combine that information with industry expert opinions when preparing every healthcare marketing report.

These are just some of the experts whose insights are included in our reports:

  • Business development managers
  • Company executives
  • Government regulators
  • Key customers
  • Management consultants
  • Market research consultants
  • Trade press journalists


iData analysts identify why certain companies succeed in a given market while others fail, pinpointing the forces that drive the market so we can make the best possible strategic recommendations. This market wisdom is the most valuable component of our medical marketing research, and is designed to bring our clients a competitive edge.

Clients use our insights and forecasts in many different ways. For example, they use our medical market research to gauge the timing and scope of research and development activities, determine how best to meet demand for their products, increase or decrease sales activities, and more. Many clients also use our reports to support acquisition strategies, support the cash flow and financial planning of their company, and to also support investment decisions.

Most importantly, our research is consulting quality (ask us about our custom services), at off-the-shelf prices.

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Consume custom quality reports with deep insights into the market, competitors, and customers for a fraction of the cost of regular custom consulting. We are proud of the care, attention, and detail we put into our syndicated reports and we think you’ll agree.

Gain access to crucial market data in order to properly predict and forecast earnings potentials in your highly competitive market segment.

Analyze medical procedure numbers and product units sold to determine new and current product viability as well as manufacturing timelines.

Track average selling prices and annual growth rates for your own as well as your competitors’ products in order to establish market potential and aid in your research and development.


A Report for Every Need

We have created a variety of report types to help our clients acquire the exact information they need in order to effectively plan and strategize. Whether you are looking for a deep understanding of a specific industry in a particular year, data on individual products or the number of surgeries / procedures performed in a country, we can provide you with the necessary information presented in various formats. Discover which report type is right for you:


Our MedSuite™ line of research products encompasses vast areas of market sizing and data analysis on a global scale for those looking to gain a thorough understanding of a particular industry as a whole. The MedSuite is a compilation of all reports related to a specific market. The MedSuite is ideal for device manufacturers and consultants looking for expert analysis of an entire marketplace. MedSuite includes the following products (*Not all products are available in every MedSuite, for more information, consult the MedSuite product page of a specific report):

  • Suite Executive Summary
  • Disease Overview
  • All Data in MedFolio
  • Product Introductions
  • Product Portfolio
  • Product Pipeline
  • Clinical Trials
  • All Data in MedView
  • Overview Market Data from Each Segment
  • Company Profiles
  • S.W.O.T. Analysis
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • All MedCore Market Analyses
  • Segment and Sub-segment level ASPs, Units Sold, Market Shares, Procedures etc.
  • All MedPro Data
  • Procedure Volume by ICD and CPT Codes
  • Press Releases relevant to Competitors in Suite


Gain a clear understanding of a particular market through our comprehensive MedView™ line of products. iData MedView reports provide an overall assessment of the main segments within a particular market. MedView is ideal for investment firms and internal research departments of device manufacturers looking to verify top-level numbers and trends in the industry. A MedView includes the following products (*Some are new additions in 2016 – Not all items below are available in every MedView, for more information, consult the MedView product page of a specific report):

  • Full Suite Executive Summary
  • Disease Overview
  • Product Introductions
  • Company Profiles
  • S.W.O.T. Analysis
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Top Level Market Data from All Suite Segments


Take a highly detailed and in-depth look at any large market or niche sub-segment with MedCore™. iData MedCore reports allow users to delve deep into a specific market in order to obtain units sold, ASPs, market values, growth rates and competitor market share of any market or given segment. Medcore is ideal for small to large device companies, looking for extensive data on everything from hard-to-find and esoteric markets to established competitive areas. A MedCore includes the following products (*Not all products are available in every MedCore, for more information, consult the MedCore product page of a specific report):

  • Executive Summary
  • Disease Overview
  • Product Introductions
  • Company Profiles
  • S.W.O.T. Analysis
  • Mergers & Acquisitions


Are you interested in the number of surgical or diagnostic procedures conducted in a given year? Do you need data on products used per procedure in a specific country or region? Our MedPro™ line of products can help you determine specific procedure numbers for various market segments. MedPro is ideal for companies looking to improve the accuracy of their sale projections rooted in procedure numbers. A MedPro includes the following products (*Not all products are available in every MedPro, for more information, consult the MedPro product page of a specific report):

  • Executive Summary
  • Disease Overview
  • Procedure Data


Accurate product and industry research is a time consuming and costly affair, but a necessary part of any successful market player. Our MedFolio™ line of products can ease research burdens by compiling the latest product information across an entire market segment. We have aggregated hundreds of products by category and company, as well as comprehensive lists of press releases, regulatory announcements and future product developments. MedFolio is ideal for companies with small or limited research teams as well as those who need to supplement their research departments with new data. A MedFolio includes the following products (*Not all products are available in every MedFolio, for more information, consult the MedFolio product page of a specific report):

  • Executive Summary
  • Product Introductions
  • Product Portfolio (Current Products on Market)
  • Product Pipelines (Future Products)
  • Clinical Trials

Suite Executive Summary *NEW UPDATE*

To get an understanding of the overall market value, competitor overview, drivers and limiters and trends we have Full Executive Summaries available for every MedSuite in our catalog. We’ve recently made changes to our report structure and this includes an updated and more in-depth Executive Summary. From 2016 going forward our full Executive Summaries are priced at $495 and will contain the following information:

  • Segmented Market Value & Growth Chart over 10 Years (6 Years Forecast)
  • Total Market Value and Procedure Volume for Base Year and Forecast Year
  • Competitive Landscape with Top 3 Competitors Ranked in All Segments
  • List of All Companies Analysed in The Report
  • Market Trends (Arrows Indicating Magnitude of Positive or Negative Impact of Each Factor On Each Market Segment)
  • Key Market Developments In the Researched Years
  • Total Segmentation Map of Report Suite
  • Procedure Segmentation and Investigated Procedure Code List

iData medical market reports are a combination of specialization and industry expertise achieved through years of research experience. Our history of working closely with prominent industry players has resulted in a deep understanding of the medical device market.

Our transparent scientific approach to research is conducted by a highly-educated team of analysts who ensure the most accurate and intelligent data is gathered and analyzed. iData’s reach extends across the globe from established markets in the United States and Europe to emerging markets in South America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.

iData healthcare market research reports are designed to provide our clients with the reliable, accurate information they need to make the best possible decisions. Consultants, investment firms, medical device manufacturers and other companies use our information to verify their reasoning, or potentially as the basis to change course and embark on other strategies.

We pride ourselves on maintaining an unsurpassed workforce comprised of MBAs, PhDs, MDs and other professionals from a wide range of fields. These include finance, engineering, economics, medicine and several others.


iData clients consist of a wide range of medical device manufacturers, dental and pharmaceutical companies as well as financial and consulting institutions from around the world. We have worked with marketing and product managers to directors and CEOs who consider iData’s strategic medical market intelligence as an accurate source of unbiased information.

Our clients use our data to guide their corporate strategies, pricing, mergers, acquisitions, and ongoing market monitoring of products in order to make major financial decisions that affect their bottom line. Our clients share our vision of building unique products, provide solutions through data, make intelligence actionable, propel success, earn trust, inspire innovation and impact the world.

When you partner with iData, you will understand why so many clients view our products as invaluable healthcare market resources. Many Fortune 500 companies have relied on our extensive reports, and our research is often used in public SEC filings for companies. It takes a lot of work and deep knowledge to compile our reports, and we are extremely proud that so many of our clients trust us to provide the accurate, reliable intelligence they need.

If you would like more information on the many services we offer, please give us a call at 1 (866) 964-3282 or contact us online.


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