Dental Operatory Equipment

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Welding Lasers Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis | United States | 2017-2023 | MedCore | Segmented by: Device Type (Benchtop & Standalone Dental Welding Lasers)

Dental welding lasers are used by dental technicians to assist in the manufacturing and repair of restorations containing metal alloy material including crowns, bridges, partial dentures and dental implants. Dental welding lasers operate by beaming a concentrated infrared light onto two pieces of metal alloy and heating them until they fuse together. Another application is to repair damaged dental restorations by beaming an infrared laser light directly onto a thin piece of dental wire until it melts into a ball, which can then be fused to the restoration to repair it. This technology increases the productivity of dental laboratories by reducing the time required to manufacture dental restorations. Likewise, it also increases the convenience to lab technicians when repairing damaged prosthetic devices. The laser fuses the metal alloys without disrupting surrounding materials such as plastic and acrylics in dentures, saving the time that it would have taken a technician to fix.