Top Dental Prosthetics Manufacturers in the United States

U.S. dental prostheticsAs a laboratory market, dental prosthetics are mostly prepared within dental laboratories with an increase in preparation using chairside technology. Within iData’s report series, the U.S. dental prosthetics market includes crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers and dentures. These devices are all types of dental restorations, specifically known as dental prosthetics. In dentistry, prosthetics restore or replace damaged teeth.

While the dental laboratory market is highly fragmented in the U.S., with approximately 6,000 labs currently operating, six dental industry giants dominate. If you are interested in learning more about the competitive nature of this market, keep on reading.


In 2020, Glidewell Dental led the overall U.S. dental prosthetics market. Not only is Glidewell Dental the largest laboratory in the U.S., but also produces a full equipment and material range for chairside dentistry, alongside zirconia for the laboratory market. The company’s original product line includes CAD/CAM technology, dentures, composites, bite splints and mouthguards, dental sleep medicine and ceramic implants. As market consolidation continues, the shares of each of the major competitors in this market will increase with ongoing acquisitions and expansions. Glidewell Dental’s large size gives the company significant bargaining power and brand image in the dental market.


National Dentex Corporation was the second-leading competitor in the U.S. dental prosthetics market. In November of 2020, Cerberus Capital Management, an alternative investing firm with over US$45B in assets across a diverse investment portfolio, acquired National Dentex Corporation. Currently, National Dentex Corporation produces prosthetics in each market segment but falls short to Glidewell Dental in terms of overall market share.  Cerberus Capital Management’s operational strength, global footprint and significant resources will strengthen National Dentex Corporation’s U.S. operations and allow it to continue increasing its market share.


Modern Dental was the third-leading competitor in the U.S. dental prosthetics market in 2020. Founded in 1986, Modern Dental Group Limited (“Modern Dental”) is a leading global dental prosthetic device provider with a product portfolio categorized into three product lines: fixed prosthetic devices, such as crowns and bridges, removable prosthetic devices, such as removable dentures, and other devices, such as orthodontic devices, sports guards and anti-snoring devices. Modern Dental’s 2016 acquisition of MicroDental Laboratories allowed it to expand its share of the overall crown and bridge market. As the company plans to continue increasing its overall market share across all segments, this acquisition proves beneficial.


Dental Services Group (“DSG”) was the fourth-leading competitor in the U.S. dental prosthetics market in 2020. With product offerings in each segment, DSG is a large network of full-service laboratories in North America. Some of DSG® products include fixed, removable, implant, orthodontics and sleep dentistry products and services. DSG® also provides dentists with digital dentistry products. Additionally, DSG® has over 100 affiliate labs throughout Canada and Europe. Furthermore, DSG® is the largest network of dental laboratories and laboratory services in the United States.


In 2020, Affordable Dentures was the fifth-leading competitor in the U.S. dental prosthetics market. The company has over 300 affiliated practices across the U.S., most with an on-site laboratory. As the largest provider of both dental implants and dentures, Affordable Dentures are able to provide low-cost prosthetics. Its vast network of labs and clinics makes it well positioned to maintain a leading position in the denture market.


Lastly, Aspen Dental was the sixth-leading competitor in the U.S. dental prosthetics market. Aspen Dental is a Dental Support Organization (DSO) with over 800 affiliated offices in the United States, which allowed it to secure the second-leading position in the overall U.S. denture market; as a result, it is also a major competitor in the overall dental prosthetic market. As expansion efforts among DSOs continue, Aspen Dental will strengthen its foothold in the denture market.


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