Greater New York Dental Meeting: iData’s 2022 Guide

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greater new york dental meeting

Courtesy of the Greater New York Dental Meeting

Each November, an exciting event takes place where dental professionals and companies alike meet to present and demo the newest technologies while participating in educational seminars. The 98th Annual Greater New York Dental Meeting is happening once again with meeting dates from November 25th to November 30th and exhibit dates from November 27th to November 30th, 2022. Due to the anticipation surrounding this meeting, we wanted to share a guide on what we recommend during this annual congress. 

Where is the Greater New York Dental Meeting?

The Greater New York Dental Meeting is being held at the Jacob K Javits Convention Center. Located at 429 11th Avenue, New York, the Jacob K Javits Convention Center boasts 850,000 square feet of flexible exhibition space along the scenic Hudson River. Read through the below infographic, courtesy of the Greater New York Dental Meeting, to solidify your transit route.

greater new york dental meeting

Courtesy of the Greater New York Dental Meeting

Notable Seminars to Attend at the Greater New York Dental Meeting

Supercharge Your Clear Aligner Program 

Friday, November 25th 

Morning Time: 9:00-12:00

Afternoon Time: 1:30-4:30

Key Speakers: Allison Lacoursiere, R.D.A, O.A, C.P.C

CEUs: 3

Develop the ultimate clear aligner program by boosting team engagement, delegating processes and optimizing systems. Bring your practice back up to speed with a clear aligner program that will improve patient lives and the bottom line.

Foundation for Airway Health Summit

Saturday, November 26th

Time: 9:00-12:00 and 1:30-4:30

Key Speakers: Dr. Howard G. Hindin, D.D.S; Dr. Steve Carstensen, D.D.S; Dr. Steven Lamberg, D.D.S; Dr. Brad Gilden, PT.

CEUs: 6

Learn how to screen patients for airway and sleep issues based on ADA recommendations, and understand the link between airway and sleep issues and chronic medical and dental conditions. It should be easier for you to recognize the signs and symptoms of airway sleep issues after attending this seminar.

Sleep Apnea Symposium

Sunday, November 27th 

2 Event Times:

The Dentist’s Role in Sleep Medicine (9:00-12:00) 

CEUs: 3

Dental Sleep Medicine: A Hands-On Workshop (1:30-5:00)

CEUs: 4

Key Speaker: Dr. Steve Carstensen, D.D.S

Understand the importance of breathing and airway support and the key characteristics of common devices to match them to patients and plan for workflow changes for practice success. 

Topics on Digital Dentistry

Monday, November 28th 

Time: 9:45-12:45

CEUs: 3 

Dive into the definition of digital dentistry and the evolution of intraoral scanners, along with the pros and cons of significant models. This seminar equips you with what you can expect from a transition to digital for your patients, your staff, and your practice as a whole.

Robotic-Assisted Implantology: Future is Haptic

Tuesday, November 29th 

Morning Time: 9:45-12:45

Afternoon Time: 2:00-5:00

Key Speakers: Thomas G. Wiedemann, M.D., Ph.D, D.D.S; Huzefa S. Talib, B.D.S. 

CEUs: 3

Develop an understanding of the history of robotics in medicine and dentistry while learning the workflow from treatment planning to implant placement in robotic-assisted implant surgery and the potential applications in implantology.

What to do Before, During or After the Greater New York Dental Meeting?

In New York, there’s never a lack of options or places to explore following a conference. Below are some options nearby the Javits Center that we have heard great things about:


Bar Pendry

Located at 438 W 33rd St New York, this upscale bar boasts a great ambiance, delicious small plates, and carefully crafted cocktails.


Located at 45 West 45th Street between 5th and 6th avenue, New York, Valerie is an eclectic but upscale spot with an expansive food and cocktail menu. Visit Valerie and sit in the blushing bar, the gatsby lounge, or the dining hall. 


Bella Abzug Park 

Named after Bella Abzug, an American lawyer and leader of the Women’s Movement, the Bella Abzug park is located at 542 West 36th Street and is only a 2 minute walk from the Javits Center. Open from 6:00am to 11:00pm, visit an iconic urban scape.

The Shed

As a non-profit arts center, The Shed commissions original works of art, across all disciples, for all audiences. Located at 545 W 30th St. New York, only a 5 minute walk from the Javits Center, The Shed is a great attraction to visit. 

Closing Thoughts

Due to all of the excitement surrounding the Greater New York Dental Meeting, we wanted to provide a guide for what we recommend doing while in attendance. At iData, we offer multiple solutions to assist and ensure success when bringing new products to market. Our syndicated reports include procedure numbers, average selling prices (ASPs), units sold, market shares, overall market values, growth trends,  complete competitive analyses, and more. Below we have outlined a few of our key reports that are relevant and possibly of interest to those attending the Greater New York Dental Meeting:

Emma MatrickGreater New York Dental Meeting: iData’s 2022 Guide