Top Smith & Nephew Competitors in the United States

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More than 160 years ago, Smith & Nephew began its operations in the UK. Today, it is a global medical technology company that is one of the leading competitors in the United States. The business operates in a range of categories, including: advanced wound management, ear, nose and throat, extremities and limb restoration, orthopaedic reconstruction, sports medicine and trauma fixation.

Advanced Wound Management includes various products from initial wound bed preparation to full wound closure.

The Ear, Nose and Throat group encompasses six divisions: ENT Technology, Epistaxis, Laryngeal & Soft Palate, Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction, Sinus Surgery and Tonsils & Adenoids.

Extremities and Limb Restoration consists of products designed for procedures focused on the stabilization of severe fractures and deformity correction.

Orthopedic Reconstruction involves hip and knee replacement systems.

Sports Medicine entails providing technology that facilitates minimally invasive joint surgery (e.g. knee, shoulder and hip).

The Trauma Fixation group focuses on developing products, such as screws, nails and plating systems.

Top 3 Smith & Nephew Competitors in the Advanced Wound Management Market

  • Ethicon
  • Acelity
  • Medtronic

In the advanced dressings market, Smith & Nephew participates in all sub-segments of the moist dressing segment and performs particularly well in the growing foam segment. The company competes in both the collagen and skin substitute segments with its BIOSTEP™ collagen matrix dressings and OASIS® product. Smith & Nephew is also the leading competitor in the iodine dressings segment with its Iodasorb® and Iodoflex® products. Its Profore® compression bandage offering is a 4-layer system that has a modest share of the static compression therapy market.

Ethicon is a leading competitor in the market, dominating in the sutures, clip appliers, skin adhesive and mesh and cyanoacrylate-based skin closure segments, as well as retaining its position as leader in wound closure. Acelity also has a notable market presence that is largely due to its subsidiary, Kinetic Concepts Inc. (KCI), which dominates in the negative-pressure wound therapy (NPWT) segment. Medtronic is a market leader too, due to its strong presence in sutures, staplers, ligating clip appliers and cyanoacrylate-based tissue adhesives.

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Top 3 Smith & Nephew Competitors in the Ear, Nose and Throat Market

  • Acclarent
  • Medtronic
  • Karl Storz

Smith & Nephew is one of the leaders in the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) market. The company dominates the market for radio frequency (RF) devices because of its acquisition of Arthrocare and its associated Coblation® product line.

Acclarent’s success in the ENT market is entirely due to the rapid growth of the balloon sinus dilation (BSD) device market. The company was the first competitor in this market and has been able to establish itself as a strong market leader. Medtronic is also a leading competitor, as it is involved in both the powered instrument and BSD segments, where it holds significant shares. Karl Storz’s notable shares in the ENT endoscope and ENT hand instrument segments account for its leading position in the market. The company is most successful in the rigid endoscope segment, as its rigidscopes are considered superior to many of its competitors’ products.

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Top 3 Smith & Nephew Competitors in the Extremities Market

  • Wright Medical
  • DePuy Synthes
  • Zimmer Biomet

Smith & Nephew holds notable shares in hand and wrist and shoulder reconstruction device market. Its presence in the hand and wrist market can be attributed to sales of its PERI-LOC® Volar Distal Radius Locking Plate System, which allows for compression or locking screws in every hole.

Wright Medical is a leading market competitor, with its largest revenue share coming from the foot and ankle device segment. The company also had a strong position in the shoulder reconstruction and fixation market and elbow repair devices, as well as a smaller share of the hand and wrist market. DePuy Synthes is also a leader in this market. It is the top competitor in the hand and wrist device market, and has a notable presence in the shoulder reconstruction, elbow repair and foot and ankle device markets. Zimmer Biomet’s strong market showing can be attributed to its leading position in the shoulder reconstruction and elbow repair device segments. The company also has significant shares in the plate and screw devices for the shoulder and elbow.

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Top 3 Smith & Nephew Competitors in the Orthopedic Reconstruction Market

  • Zimmer Biomet
  • Stryker
  • DePuy Synthes

Smith & Nephew is a leading competitor in the orthopedic reconstruction market, growing its market value in the knee replacement device market. This growth is greatly attributed to the company’s JOURNEY™ II Total Knee, LEGION™ Revision Knee System and ANTHEM Total Knee System. In terms of the hip replacement market, Smith & Nephew’s revenue is largely the result of the company’s successful REDAPT™ Revision System and POLARSTEM Cementless Stem System.

 Zimmer Biomet is also a notable market competitor, producing both knee and hip replacement devices. Its Oxford® Partial Knee System celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2016 and is the most widely used partial knee replacement system in the world. In the hip replacement device market, Zimmer Biomet benefited from issues associated with the use of metal-on-metal hip implant systems, since the company’s product line offers alternatives to these bearing types.

Stryker’s strong market presence is largely due to the strengthening of its position in the knee replacement device market. Stryker’s flagship product is a total knee arthroplasty solution, the Triathlon® Knee System. The company is also seeing growth in its hip division, which includes total hip arthroplasty solutions for primary and revision procedures.

With a notable presence in both the knee replacement and hip replacement markets, DePuy Synthes is a leading market competitor. This is despite the recall of its ASR™ XL Acetabular System and DePuy ASR™ Hip Resurfacing System in 2010, after which personal injury lawsuits were filed. Having resolved all lawsuits by the end of 2017, DePuy has focused on adding new products to its portfolio.

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Top 3 Smith & Nephew Competitors in the Sports Medicine Market

  • Arthrex
  • DePuy Mitek
  • ConMed Linvatec

As a leading competitor in the sports medicine market, Smith & Nephew offers a wide range of products across the shoulder, knee and hip segments. However, the company’s presence in the shoulder market is limited, whereas it leads in some knee segments and the hip arthroscopy market.

Arthrex has maintained its position as market leader by establishing a presence in the shoulder market while continuing to grow its presence in the knee and hip arthroscopy markets. Like Smith & Nephew, DePuy Mitek and ConMed Linvatec offer a wide range of products in all three market segments. Both companies also have shares in each market segment, but are not market leaders in any of them.

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Top 3 Smith & Nephew Competitors in the Arthroscopy Market

  • Arthrex
  • Stryker
  • ConMed Linvatec

Smith & Nephew is the arthroscopy market leader, having a presence in all market segments. However, the company’s strongest showing is in the high-value RF probe segment. Smith & Nephew also has a notable presence in the power instrument and shaver blade segment.

Arthrex has a leading position in this market, as well. The company derives most of its total arthroscopic device revenue from fluid management disposables, disposable shaver blades, RF probes, drill guide systems and disposables and suture passers. The company’s leading position in the low-value disposable cannula and hand instruments segments also made a small contribution. Arthrex leads in the suture passer segment by a wide margin, as well. Another arthroscopy market leader is Stryker.  The company generates the largest share of its arthroscopic device revenue from the shaver blade market. It also gains substantial revenue from the fluid management disposables, RF probe and arthroscope segments. ConMed Linvatec is a leading competitor in the arthroscopy market, too. The company is present in all market segments, but generates the majority of its revenue from the fluid management disposables and disposable shaver segments.

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Top 3 Smith & Nephew Competitors in the Trauma Fixation Market

  • DePuy Synthes
  • Stryker
  • Zimmer Biomet

Smith & Nephew’s leading position in the trauma fixation market is due to sales of its plating systems, nails, screws and ring fixators. The last includes its innovative and unique Taylor Spatial Frame®. The Taylor Spatial Frame® is a hexapod device base that consists of two aluminum rings connected by six struts that can be independently lengthened or shortened. Connected to bone by wires or half pins, the attached bone can be manipulated in six axes, giving the operating surgeon more control.

As a trauma fixation market leader, DePuy Synthes produces various devices, instruments and implants. The company’s extensive line of intramedullary nailing systems, along with plates and screws, is one of its strongest revenue streams. Stryker also has a relatively strong presence in the plate and screw market with sales of its VariAx™ distal radius locking plate system, which helps to account for its leading position in this market. Zimmer Biomet’s notable presence in the market is partly due to DePuy Orthopaedics’ sale of its trauma department to Biomet in 2012. Thus, when Zimmer acquired Biomet two years later, this increased its market share.

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