Top Orthopedic Companies in the United States

Top US Orthopedic Device Companies

Did you know there are over 8.9 million orthopedic procedures performed in the United States each year, with the orthopedic biomaterials market showing the greatest forecast growth?

As this market continues to grow and innovative technologies are being designed, we have compiled a list of the top companies within different categories of the orthopedics market including: 

Top Orthopedic Trauma Companies

Overall, the US orthopedic trauma device market size was valued at over $3.6 billion in 2019. This is expected to increase over the forecast period at an annual rate of 3.5%, reaching just over $4.5 billion by 2025. One of the major drivers of this market is the consistent influx of newer technologies. These new systems, with increasing numbers of indications, are driving the market by replacing their legacy counterparts.

DePuy Synthes is the leading company in the market with approximately a 35% share. From the skull to the foot, the company develops, produces, and markets products for the surgical fixation, correction, and regeneration of the skeleton and related soft tissues. 

Stryker holds the second-leading position in the orthopedic trauma device market, with over a 19% share. They are relatively strong in the plate and screw market with sales of its VariAx™ distal radius locking plate system.

Zimmer Biomet holds the third-leading position in the market, with under a 15% share. Zimmer Biomet has the broadest range of products in the bone growth stimulator market and offers the only internally implanted devices on the market, in the OsteoGen® system. 

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Top Orthopedic Soft Tissue Repair Companies

Overall, the US market for orthopedic soft tissue repair market size was valued at $1.7 billion in 2019. This is expected to increase over the forecast period at an annual rate of over 5%, reaching over $2.2 billion by 2025. Hip arthroscopy is expected to be the fastest-growing segment of the market due to the continuous development in this space along with the overall improved imaging technology. 

Arthrex leads the market for soft tissue repair and reconstruction holding almost 43% of the market. Arthrex actively collaborates with surgeons, professional medical and sports associations to develop the most efficient and advanced products and surgical techniques. This has resulted in the Achilles Midsubstance SpeedBridge™ system, superior capsular reconstruction (SCR) approach, Birmingham Biceps™ technique for subpectoral tenodesis, the Loop ’N’ Tack™ Knotless biceps tenodesis technique, and others. 

Smith & Nephew holds the second leading position in the market with almost 21% market share. They have a wide coverage of products across the shoulder, knee, and hip segments. Smith & Nephew led the hip arthroscopy market with the DYONICS™ EFLEX™, the leading radiofrequency probe on the market. 

Depuy Mitek is the third-leading competitor in the US orthopedic soft tissue repair market. They had a notable presence in the ACL/PCL repair and reconstruction market, where the company led the smaller segment of intratunnel fixation devices and held the second-leading share of the cross-pin segment.

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Top Orthopedic Biomaterials Companies

Overall, the US orthopedic biomaterials market size was valued at over $3.6 billion in 2019. This is expected to increase over the forecast period at an annual rate of almost 6.5%, reaching just over $5 billion by 2025. One of the major market limiters is the high risk of complications; except for some synthetic bone graft substitutes, biologic products have a larger degree of variability, both in the integrity of the product and in the patient response to the therapy, than inorganic therapies. 

Medtronic led the orthopedic biomaterials market with nearly a 21% share. They had the largest share in the bone graft substitute segment and had their dominating product, INFUSE™ in the growth factor market. The company’s growth has been slowly recovering from the negative media attention and lawsuits regarding off-label usage of INFUSE®, which accounts for a significant portion of the company’s revenue in biologic therapy.

DePuy Synthes has the second-largest market share with almost 17%. They had significant traction in the bone graft substitute and cellular allograft segments. They sell a DBM product that is processed by the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF). The company’s DBX product complements its spinal hardware business.

Zimmer Biomet has the third-largest share in the orthopedic biomaterials market with under 10% share. Zimmer Biomet has a strong presence in multiple segments, including bone graft substitute, cellular allograft, cell therapy, hyaluronic acid, and cartilage repair. They are one of the most comprehensive companies within the orthopedic biomaterials market in the United States.

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