Top Becton Dickinson Competitors in the U.S.

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Becton Dickinson’s (BD) operations consist of two major business segments, BD Medical and BD Life Sciences. This article will focus solely on the BD Medical segment, which comprises four organizational units: Diabetes Care, Medication and Procedural Solutions, Medication Management Solutions and Pharmaceutical Systems.

Products offered within this segment include: needles and syringes, infusion therapy delivery systems such as infusion pumps and disposables, pre-fillable drug delivery systems, regional anesthesia needles and trays, and intravenous catheters.

BD’s Top 3 Competitors in the Infusion Therapy Market

  • – ICU Medical / Hospira
  • – Baxter
  • – B. Braun

BD is the leading competitor in the U.S. infusion therapy market. By 2017, BD was involved in nearly all of the individual infusion therapy segments that make up the total market, in addition to leading the large volume infusion pump market with an installed base share of nearly 50% of all installed units. Although ICU Medical strengthened its presence in the IV therapy devices market by acquiring Hospira in 2017, the company has suffered from recalls to its pump product lines and has lost market share to competitors BD, Baxter and B. Braun in the infusion pump market. B. Braun in particular has been gaining significant share in the ambulatory IV pump market.

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BD’s Top 3 Competitors in the Diabetes Market

  • – Sanofi
  • – Novo Nordisk
  • – Eli Lilly

Since 1988, BD has developed safety needles and complementary devices to protect users from needlestick injuries and continues to dominate the insulin pen needle and insulin syringe segments. Sanofi, Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly derive their leading shares from strong positions in the insulin market, the largest in the total diabetes market. Sanofi is developing a biosimilar to Eli Lilly’s popular rapid-acting insulin analog Humalog®, while Eli Lilly recently partnered with Boehringer Ingelheim to develop Basaglar®, a biosimilar to Sanofi’s equally popular long-acting insulin analog Lantus®.

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BD’s Top 3 Competitors in the Anesthesiology Market

  • – Philips
  • – ResMed
  • – CAIRE

BD’s strong presence in the anesthesiology market can be attributed to its acquisition of CareFusion in 2015. CareFusion was particularly successful in the ventilator, breathing circuit and respiratory disposable markets. Philips has a long history of product development in the sleep apnea market. They remain one of the most innovative companies within the segment and will continue to demonstrate revenue growth. ResMed also competes in the sleep apnea market with a wide array of OSA solutions. CAIRE largely focuses on the large oxygen therapy market where it holds a leading position.

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Top 3 Competitors in the Vascular Access Market

  • – Medtronic
  • – FUJIFILM Sonosite
  • – Teleflex

BD had the largest share of the vascular access device and accessories market, owing to its dominance in the peripheral intravenous catheter market, as well as the syringe and needle markets. The company’s established sales, manufacturing and distribution networks allow it to sell high-volume items at prices difficult for other competitors to match. In late 2017, BD acquired C.R. Bard, including their market-leading portfolio of implantable ports, port needles, PICC, midline and dialysis catheters.  Medtronic closely competes with BD in the syringe and needle market and also performs strongly in the dialysis catheter segment. FUJIFILM Sonosite is only present in the ultrasound vascular access device market, but is the leading competitor within that segment. Teleflex has a notable presence in the central venous catheter, peripherally inserted central catheter, tip-location system and dialysis catheter markets.

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