The Top Digital Dentistry Leaders in the U.S. Projected for 2021-2027

Digital Dentistry

iData’s analysts work extensively to retrieve data and source both syndicated and custom market research reports. Owing to their in-depth understanding of the markets and first-hand experience with the appropriate data, our analysts have curated a list of the best digital dentistry companies in the U.S. projected to increase in market value from 2021-2027. With this top-down insight of our U.S. digital dentistry market report, we hope to assist our clients in making better strategic decisions for themselves and their customers. 

Although COVID-19 did its fair share of damage within most medical device markets, the U.S. digital dentistry market suffered minimal losses (a 4% decrease from 2019), and is looking to reach an industry-leading $1.37 billion by 2027. With that being said, the digital dentistry market has conveniently benefitted from the COVID-19 pandemic, with examples provided by intraoral scanners generating digital impressions at a faster rate compared to traditional impressions produced, reducing contact time between dentist and patient.

But, what exactly is digital dentistry? Digital dentistry refers to the use of modern technologies or devices that incorporate digital (or computer-administered) components to carry out dental procedures. In essence, digital dentistry eliminates the need for varying mechanical or electrical tools. Digital dentistry tools can include 3D scanners as well as CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing).

The Top 3 U.S. Digital Dentistry Companies

Now that we know what digital dentistry is, we can jump into our current leaders of the market. 

#1 Dentsply Sirona

#2 Align Technology

#3 Ivoclar Vivadent

#1: Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona is the current leading competitor within the U.S. digital dentistry market. For over a century, Dentsply Sirona has set a global standard for dental manufacturing, digital treatment, and technology development. As the leader of the CAD/CAM device market, while also acting as a major player in the material market, Dentsply Sirona’s brand recognition and strong market presence allow for continual growth and maintenance of their leading position. 

#2: Align Technology

The second-leading competitor in the industry is given to Align Technology. After acquiring iTero intraoral scanners in 2011, digital scanning technology became a natural extension to the digital treatment system of Align. While their presence is largely limited to the intraoral scanner segment of the CAD/CAM device market, they are well-poised to continue strategic momentum that will grow its share of the overall digital dentistry market. 

#3: Ivoclar Vivadent 

The third-leader within the digital dentistry market in the U.S. is Ivoclar Vivadent. Founded in 1923, Ivoclar Vivadent places third within the industry largely due to their extensive product offerings in the CAD/CAM material market. Their sheer history assists with maintaining a strong share of the CAD/CAM device market.

U.S. Digital Dentistry Market Recap and Further Insights

Overall, the U.S. digital dentistry market is predicted to have a strong increase in productivity and enhancements whilst decreasing in investment cost and competition, assisting with the projected substantial market growth. Those companies holding leading shares within each segment are expected to improve their market shares through an ongoing network of acquisitions and partnerships focused on the clinical market. With the increase of competitors, the “race to the bottom” for digital dentistry will drive production to further benefit said market growth, and should viewed as a predicting factor for the future endeavors and technologies to come. For more information on Digital Dentistry in the U.S., including unit sales, average selling prices, market drivers and limiters, competitive market share analysis, and more, follow the link below to receive a free research summary of this report. In addition, we offer our complete Global Digital Dentistry report series which includes the analysis of the digital dentistry market in 70 countries and 7 regions.


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