Olympus Launches “PowerSpiral”, World’s First Motorized Rotation Endoscope in Europe and Asia

PowerSpiral, Courtesy of Olympus.

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On March 29th 2019, Olympus Corporation announced that “PowerSpiral” endoscopy system will be introduced to Europe and parts of Asia-Pacific. In the future, “PowerSpiral” will launch in the United States and other parts of the Asia-Pacific region when certifications are approved. The device uses a rotating mechanical attachment that attaches to the scope to achieve a thorough insertion into the small intestine.

This endoscopy system was launched to diagnose and correct conditions within the digestive tract, and it uses the world’s first foot-switch-operated motor. The goal was to improve the scope’s range of motion while shortening procedure times, and the high-definition imaging supports this goal by offering a greater variety of endo-therapeutic attachments.

According to research from iData Research, in 2018, the largest segment in the total European GI endoscopic device market was the GI endoscope market, which accounted for approximately 38% of the total market value. The majority of total GI endoscopes unit sales consisted of colonoscopes used in the hospital setting, either at a designated endoscopy room or general surgery suite, with the balance being used in the outpatient centers. Although prices are expected to remain stable throughout Europe, users converting to new, premium-price products will apply slight upward pressure over the forecast period. Olympus’s PowerSpiral enters the market with optimism and a solid foundation behind their device.

Olympus states that “balloon endoscopes and U.S.-made manually operated spiral overtubes that appeared in the 2000s made it possible to shorten the small intestine by pleating, which made deep enteroscopy easier. However, many of these systems require two operators and can be very difficult to operate, often resulting in long procedure times. In order to overcome these challenges, in 2011 Olympus wholly acquired U.S.-based Spirus Medical, which possessed special technology for motorized spiral overtubes. By integrating this technology with its own, Olympus has now developed the new “PowerSpiral” enteroscopy system”.


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More on the GI endoscopy market in Europe can be found in a series of reports published by iData Research entitled the European Market Report Suite for Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Devices.

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