J&J and Medtronic Enter Left Atrial Appendage Closure Space: Market Developments

Left atrial appendage closure

In the fast-evolving realm of Left Atrial Appendage (LAA) closure, the quest for effective solutions has been characterized by a dynamic landscape and a race among key players. As of 2022, the market has been dominated by industry giants Boston Scientific, AtriCure, and Abbott, each contributing unique innovations to address the complexities of atrial fibrillation (AF). However, recent developments involving Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and Medtronic have stirred anticipation, suggesting a significant shakeup in the current market dynamics. Continue reading to learn about the current market landscapes and the new market entrants.

Current Market Leaders in LAA Closure

The race to find effective solutions for LAA closure has witnessed a dynamic landscape with several key players making strides. As of 2022, the market leaders include Boston Scientific, AtriCure, and Abbott, each bringing its unique innovations to the table.

  • Boston Scientific: Pioneering Endocardial Solutions

At the forefront of LAA closure, Boston Scientific has emerged as a leader with its WATCHMAN™ LAA closure devices. Having received FDA approval in 2015, WATCHMAN™ has become a cornerstone in the market, offering an endocardial product that addresses the complexities of AF. However, as other endocardial devices gain FDA approval, Boston Scientific may see a shift in market share, opening the door for new entrants.

  • AtriCure: Versatile Epicardial Options

AtriCure, the second-leading competitor in 2022, provides a robust epicardial option with its AtriClip® product line. Offering multiple devices, including AtriClip FLEX®, AtriClip Standard®, AtriClip Long®, AtriClip PRO®, AtriClip PRO2®, and AtriClip Pro V®, AtriCure caters to diverse deployment needs. Additionally, the acquisition of SentreHEART in August 2019 has expanded AtriCure’s market share, encompassing sales of the LARIAT® device.

  • Abbott: Pioneering New Frontiers

Abbott entered the LAA closure device market with a splash, gaining FDA approval for the Amplatzer™ Amulet™ in 2021. This device is designed to achieve complete occlusion of the LAA, reducing the risk of ischemic stroke associated with atrial fibrillation. Abbott’s foray into this competitive space is anticipated to result in an increase in market share over the forecast period.

Recent Market Developments

Despite the current competitive landscape within the left atrial appendage market, recent developments from Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and Medtronic highlight the evolving landscape of the market. J&J’s recent acquisition of Laminar, a Santa Rosa-based company pioneering an innovative LAA eradication method, is a strategic maneuver in this field. This move involves a significant upfront investment of $400 million, with additional payments tied to clinical and regulatory milestones. In a parallel move, Medtronic introduced its upcoming launch of Penditure, an implantable LAA clip, during cardiac surgery, providing a novel approach to mitigating stroke risks associated with atrial fibrillation (AFib). This marks Medtronic’s entry into the rapidly expanding market for left atrial appendage closure devices.


As the race for effective left atrial appendage closure solutions continues, the industry’s dedication is evident in the ongoing developments. The competition among established leaders and the entry of new players, particularly Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic, promises a future where stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation (AF) patients becomes increasingly effective and tailored to individual needs. The evolving narrative exemplifies the commitment of medical professionals and companies alike to reshape the landscape for those living with AF.

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