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For 15 years, iData Research has been a strong advocate for data-driven decision-making within the global medical device, dental, and pharmaceutical industries. By providing customizable research and consulting solutions, iData empowers their clients to trust the source of data and make important strategic decisions with confidence. Through their partnerships with medical market leaders like 3M, Zimmer Biomet, and Bain&Co, iData is able to deliver accurate and data-driven market intelligence to help these companies develop effective and sustainable market strategies.

For every market study, iData’s analyst team conducts extensive primary interviews with industry experts to identify key market trends and create accurate market forecasts. Interviews with company executives, government regulators, and product managers, shape the scope of the research, support data projections, and give insight into the latest technological developments. For this reason, companies, such as Medtronic and Stryker, refer to iData’s reports to identify unique market opportunities, to support acquisition strategies, and to aid in the financial planning of the company.

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Another way iData supports data-driven decision making is through their MedSKU service. The service tracks sales by unique company product codes (SKU’s) across 1500+ reporting US medical facilities and provides iData’s clients with a live overview of the market demand. After combining this purchasing data with over a decade of historic data, MedSKU is able to deliver a highly accurate depiction of the market that is used to identify new growth opportunities and guide strategic market positioning.

Through their Sales Accelerator service, iData allows their clients to track primary and secondary healthcare procedure volumes across the United States. This essential tool is used to capture trends and potential market opportunities by providing procedure analytics segmented by state, hospital, and physician. Due to procedure tracking data being highly customizable, medical device companies, such as Philips and Smith Medical, have used Sales Accelerator to understand market demand and drive future sales.

With all of these services combined, iData Research offers a Total Sales Solution that is capable of delivering a proven and complete sales strategy for every medical device company. Based on a combination of research, procedure, and competitor sales tracking, this service provides highly reliable and customizable data to address every business need and ensure market expansion. The 9-Step Methodology along with the long-term relationships with industry experts is a testament to iData’s ability to deliver industry-trusted market research year over year.



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