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Do it Right

It's not about having numbers,
It's about trusting the source and
accuracy of the numbers that allows
you to make confident decisions.

Buying Data versus Buying Intelligent Data

We understand that recently it has become easier for people to do “research”. The internet has made a lot of information accessible and market research firms are popping up all the time. But we have heard countless times from product and marketing managers of major device companies that they don’t want to get burned again when buying market research.

Just because research and information is more easily accessible, doesn’t make it accurate or insightful. At iData we strive to bring a new standard of market research to the medical device industry.

Our research methodology has been crafted and honed for over a decade and our analysts have experience and key contacts in the healthcare market to provide a view of the market that is much more than a guess. To do it right, you need to know your market research firm has an understanding of the medical device market. To do it right, you need to use the same research that’s been trusted by the CEOs, VPs, Product and Marketing Managers of many of the top 100 medical device companies in the world.





Start Making Confident Business Decisions

When the success of your division, your medical devices or your company relies on being able to make strategic moves with certainty, this confidence is not just ammunition, it’s peace of mind. Our goal is to empower you and your team to do it right by forgetting about the stress and hesitation of whether your plan is based on trusted information and to instead focus on the details of your plan of action.

Your next moves now mean making the right strategic decisions to win market share from your competitors, develop a new product or take on a completely new market. Making sure that our methods and our research are sound ensures that we supply you with market research that is a level above everything else you’ve seen in terms of depth, insight, accuracy and trust.

More Than

Buying Medical

Device Market


Your Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

We’ll show you that we stand behind our work whether you’ve purchased a report, custom research, a survey or even before you purchase. Our analyst team is always available for conversations with your team to explain our methodology, justifications for data or forecasts and definitions of segmentation.

A company that doesn’t believe in what they do would hide from their clients. But we’re not here to sell you a report and leave; we’re here to back you up in the long-term. And if you really want to do it right, allow us to supply you with intelligence to support your business at every turn. The relationships we build over the years say more about the trustworthiness of our data than a research methodology ever could.

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