World Spine Day 2020 – BACK ON TRACK

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October 16th is World Spine Day and this year we celebrate the theme of getting Back on Track

October 16th is the official World Spine Day, organized and coordinated by the World Federation of Chiropractors. This year’s theme is Back On Track, celebrating people being able to reactivate and revitalize their bodies by getting out and focusing on effective spine care. World Spine Day is celebrated to raise awareness around the prevention and effective management of spinal conditions. Considering that one in four adults are estimated to suffer from back pain in their life there has to be a greater importance placed on exercise, posture, movement, and good self-care to ensure a healthy spine.

Taking care of your spine may look different for everyone whether it’s taking small breaks at work, working out regularly, getting a stand up desk at work or simply practicing good ergonomics while sitting. No matter how you take care of your spine we can all come together and support World Spine Day to spread awareness. 

Latest Innovation in the Spinal Market

Genesys Spine recently announced the launch of the AIS-C 3DP – the first 3D printed non-screw-based cervical stand-alone cage. This device is used in skeletally mature patients with degenerative disc disease (DDD) with accompanying radicular symptoms. DDD occurs when one or more discs in the back lose their strength causing mild to extreme pain. This device consists of a 3D printed cervical interbody cage combined with titanium anchors. 

By using 3D printing technology, Genesys Spine is able to optimize the device for osteogenesis by tailoring the pore size, wettability, roughness and surface energy of the implant. The printed device features self-locking titanium anchors, a direct anterior approach, a zero-step locking mechanism, and much more.

 “The ease of application of the AIS-C 3DP Stand Alone, now combined with the addition of Genesys Spine’s SemafourTM Technology, will take an already excellent implant and further enhance it as a superior surgical choice for my patients.  I believe this implant will become my implant of choice for ACDF’s.”

 – Dr. Matthew Philips, M.D. – board-certified neurosurgeon and Director of the Brain and Spine Center at SouthCoast Health in Massachusetts.

Minimally Invasive Surgeries Market Insights

When looking at the minimally invasive surgeries (MIS) market, the biggest limiting factor for the MIS device market is the complexity of the procedures and the skill required to master them. Many of the techniques required are considered to be significantly more difficult to master than traditional open surgical methods. Older generations of doctors and surgeons are especially reluctant to switch to MIS, as it takes a considerable time investment to master the procedure.

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The U.S. minimally invasive spinal implants market was valued at $1.8 billion in 2018. This is expected to increase at a low-single-digit rate, to exceed $2.2 billion by 2023.One of the key drivers for the MIS spinal device market is the increase in the target population. The majority of MIS spine procedures are usually performed on individuals over the age of 60, and this age group is currently the fastest-growing demographic cohort in the United States.

Via: World Spine Day, Genesys Spine

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