Vygon Group’s Acquisition of Pilot

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In a recent development, France-based Vygon Group, has acquired Italy-based Pilot. The purpose of the transaction was to obtain Pilot’s ECG location and navigation technology from their Pilot TLS product. The device ensures a safe insertion of central venous catheters (CVC) through precision and accuracy. The end result is optimal positioning of the distal tip of the CVC, which benefits patients who live with atrial fabulation.

A major benefit of this acquisition, is that Vygon can now offer a wide range of intravascular therapies to the international market. This encompasses implantable ports, PICC lines, midlines, CVC’s, the Vysion XS ultrasound system and the ECG Pilot TLS system for safe implantation. The Pilot TLS system is one of the only ECG endovascular guidance systems certified for use on all patients. This range includes neonatal to adults, offering practitioners a unique global solution.

In a statement from the CEO of Vygon, Stéphane Regnault,

“This new acquisition is part of our group’s external growth strategy. We have been working with Pilot for the last three years. The internalization of its ECG guidance system will enable us to consolidate our offering of intravascular therapies on the international market.”

According to iData Research, ultrasound guidance is primarily used in the majority of PICC placement procedures and a substantial share of CVC and chronic hemodialysis catheter placement procedures. In particular, the percentage of CVCs placed using ultrasound has already risen noticeably over the last few years. The number of ultrasound systems specialized for vascular access will need to increase in order to meet this demand. The acquisition by Vygon will allow them to leverage their assets further and increase their reach into the vascular access ultrasound market.


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