Top 8 Robotic Surgery Companies in the United States

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About Robotic Surgery

Surgery has progressed from a risky art into a sophisticated and ever-evolving scientific discipline capable of treating many diseases and conditions. Until the industrial revolution, surgeons struggled with three principal obstacles that plagued the medical profession from its infancy: bleeding, pain and infection. Recent technological advances have increased the types of procedures that are able to be performed and, more importantly, revolutionized the way in which these procedures can be performed. The field of robotic-assisted surgery is still in its primary stages, as many of these systems are expensive, bulky and have not been widely accepted as better alternatives to traditional surgery. However, the current systems on the market and the systems being developed, are changing the way that robotic systems are perceived by both surgeons and patients.

Constituting around 600,000 robotic-assisted surgical procedures performed in the United States last year, the robotic surgery market is expected to grow impressively to approach 1 million procedures by 2028. Because of this, we wanted to highlight a few of the top robotic surgery companies in the U.S.

Top Robotic Surgery Companies in the U.S.

  1. Intuitive Surgical
  2. Stryker
  3. Smith & Nephew
  4. Accuray
  5. Medtronic
  6. Globus Medical
  7. Johnson & Johnson
  8. Zimmer Biomet

Intuitive Surgical

In 2021, Intuitive Surgical led the total surgical robotics market. In 2000, Intuitive received FDA approval for its first da Vinci® robotic system. Since then, Intuitive Surgical has brought a number of multi-port da Vinci® models to the market. In 2006, the company commercialized the da Vinci system, followed by the introduction of the da Vinci Si® system in 2009. Intuitive Surgical is expected to remain the market leader by a significant margin throughout the forecast period, fueled by revenue from procedures and service and maintenance fees.


Stryker was the second-leading competitor in the total surgical robotics market in 2021. Stryker entered the robotic-assisted surgery market after its acquisition of MAKO Surgical Corp for $1.65 billion in September 2013. MAKO manufactured and sold the Rio® Robotic Arm Interactive orthopedic surgical platform. Since the acquisition, Stryker has been marketing the system as the MakoRobotic Arm. These market activities enhanced Stryker’s advanced imaging and visualization portfolio and further strengthened the company’s reputation in the medical device market.

Smith & Nephew

In 2021, Smith & Nephew held the third-leading position in the total surgical robotics market. In October 2015, in a $275 million deal, Smith & Nephew acquired Blue Belt Technologies and its NAVIO platform, which allows for robotic-assisted surgical unicondylar or partial knee replacements. The system will be phased out in the coming years as the company introduced its next generation system, the CORI™ Surgical System, approved by the FDA in February 2020. Compared to NAVIO™,CORI™ is a smarter and more efficient platform, with 29% faster resection, a refresh rate over four times faster, and the ability to cut more in less time.


Accuray was the fourth-leading competitor in the total surgical robotics market in 2021. Accuray markets its CyberKnife® robotic radiosurgery system, which has been developed as a result of the company’s partnership with KUKA AG, a manufacturer of industrial robots. CyberKnife® uses image guidance and computer-controlled robotics to deliver high-energy radiation to a tumor. The system is a fully robotic stereotactic radiosurgery system and stereotactic body radiation therapy system designed for the treatment of multiple types of cancer and tumors throughout the body.


In 2021, Medtronic held the fifth-leading position in the total surgical robotics market. This position was previously occupied by Mazor Robotics until its acquisition by Medtronic in December 2018, a transitional year for both companies. The company led the robotic-assisted spinal surgery market and was the third-leading competitor in the robotic-assisted neurosurgery market. Medtronic’s product portfolio includes three robotic platforms, Hugo™ RAS, StealthAutoguide™ and the Mazor X™ Robotic Guidance System.

Globus Medical

Globus Medical was the sixth-leading competitor in the total surgical robotics market in 2021. Globus Medical is actively marketing its ExcelsiusGPS® robotic guidance and navigation system, which is designed to be used during orthopedic and neurosurgical spine procedures. The ExcelsiusGPS®, which received an FDA clearance in August 2017, was acquired by Globus Medical from Excelsius Surgical in 2014. ExcelsiusGPS®is compatible with Globus Medical’s implants and instruments.

Johnson & Johnson

In 2021, Auris Health, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson’s company Ethicon, held the seventh-leading position in the total surgical robotics market. Auris Health is previously known as Auris Surgical Robotics. The company led the robotic vascular catheter system market segment and was an emerging competitor in the minimally invasive robotic system market segment.

Zimmer Biomet

Zimmer Biomet was the eighth-leading competitor in the total surgical robotics market in 2021, due to its leadership in the robotic-assisted neurosurgery market. Zimmer Biomet inherited Medtech’s ROSA® robotic system with brain and spine surgery applications after its acquisition of Medtech in 2016. ROSA® is a robotic device designed for usage in neurosurgical, spinal, and orthopedic procedures.

Additional Competitors

Other notable competitors in the surgical robotics market in the U.S. included, but were not limited to, Asensus Surgical, Brainlab, Catheter Precision, Corin Group, IMRIS, Medrobotics, Procept Bio Robotics, Renishaw, Siemens Healthineers, Stereotaxis, Synaptive Medical, THINK Surgical, Virtual Incision, and etc.

Further Information on the Top Surgical Robotics Companies in the U.S.

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