Top Dental Cements Companies in the United States

For the past 5 years, the US Dental Cements market size was valued at over $200M,

We have already looked at the top companies in the Dental Materials Market overall but now we go deeper to look into the dental cements market in particular. Dental Cements are sealing agents that are predominantly used to fill any gaps between restorations and the natural tooth. 

For the past 5 years, the US Dental Cements market size was valued at over $200M, which comprises permanent (87%) and temporary (13%) dental cements market segments. As the number of dental restoration procedures continues to expand, there are multiple companies vying for a spot in this competitive market.

Top 5 Dental Cement Companies

  1. 3M 
  2. GC America 
  3. Kavo Kerr  
  4. Ivoclar Vivadent 
  5. Dentsply Sirona 

1. 3M

For nearly 50 years, dental professionals have trusted 3M to keep their patients smiling, which secured them the number one spot in the US dental cements market. They take an “easy-to-use” approach towards their dental cements and accessories. They create strong, reliable bonds with great esthetics along with reduced post-op sensitivity. While 3M has a full product line for dental cements, the company holds the largest share of the permanent dental cements market in the US. 

Dental cements | Dental products | 3M Canada

3M is most popular for its RelyX™ brand of dental cements which come in six different formats. RelyX™ is the primary cement of a large number of dental offices. From the ~21 million grams of cements sold per year, RelyX™ is the best selling product in the United States, despite its premium price tag. Dentists prefer this product because it has been in the market for a long time and, therefore, has been the subject of many clinical studies, proving its effectiveness as a permanent cement. 

The RelyX™ product line also includes a temporary cement, known as RelyX Temp Zinc Oxide Temporary Cement. This self-cured cement is delivered via a hand mix delivery system. However, the bulk of 3M’s cement business is generated from its diverse selection of permanent products. As such, 3M holds under 5% of the temporary dental cements market share.

2. GC America

GC America is a general manufacturer of dental care products with the goal of “keeping the people of the world healthy”. All GC products are made with their core values in mind, of safety and effectiveness, while also protecting the global environment.

GC has captured the second-leading position in the US dental cements market due to its leadership in glass ionomer and resin-modified glass ionomer technology, Even though GC America has resin cements in its portfolio, the large majority of its sales are achieved in the glass ionomer category, with the GC Fuji I® product line. Glass ionomer resin represents over 30% of the permanent dental cement market creating a large window for GC to sell within. 

3. KaVo Kerr

Established in 2016, KaVo Kerr is a combination of two global leaders with a past full of many innovations and a commitment to dental excellence along with sustaining their values of enabling healthy, beautiful smiles.  

Kerr is the third-leading competitor in the dental cements market, which is largely due to its dominance in the temporary cements market.

Temp-Bond™ Temporary Dental Cement | Kerr Dental

Consequently, Kerr’s TempBond® product line is the best selling temporary cement brand in the United States, and the three versions (automix syringe, tube delivery, and Unidose) of the product allow the dentist to cover a wide range of temporary restorations such as trial cementing restorations or cementing temporary crowns and bridges. Additionally, TempBond® Clear™ with Triclosan fits the needs of dentists who prefer to use a resin-based temporary cement. 

Although they hold a large portion of the temporary cements market, Kerr may need to pivot their strategy as temporary cements are losing traction because of the adoption of in-office milling technology and increased use of prefabricated crowns. Maxcem Elite Chroma is Kerr’s premier offering in the permanent cement category. This product is unique because it is the first self-etch cement which has a Colour Cleanup Indicator that signals the optimal time for cleanup. In addition, this product has excellent shade matching and is indicated for all indirect restorations. The Maxcem EliteChroma could potentially create a drive-in market share for Kerr. 

4. Ivoclar Vivadent

Ivoclar Vivadent is the fourth-leading competitor in the US dental cements market. The company’s most popular brand, the Multilink® Automix, is a self-etching adhesive resin cement that can be used with lithium disilicate all-ceramic restorations. Since Ivoclar Vivadent was the manufacturer of e.max®, one of the most popular all-ceramic restorations in the U.S. in 2019, it successfully used this market dominance to promote the Multilink® Automix as the best fitting cement for e.max® restorations. The company also offers a temporary cement product line, Telio™, which allows them to hold a relatively equal share of both permanent and temporary markets.   

5. Dentsply Sirona

We conclude our list with one of the oldest and most established companies in the dental products business, Dentsply Sirona. Its market share mostly stemmed from the company’s success in the temporary dental cements segment. 

Dentsply’s Calibra® line is the most popular cement for permanent restorations, while the Integrity Multi-Cure® is the bestselling Dentsply temporary cement Dentsply recently expanded on the Calibra® profile, with the launch of the Calibra® Universal Self-Adhesive Cement. This product has evolved from past Calibra® products by widening the window for tack curing, as well as extending the gel phase of cementation. Taken collectively, these attributes reduce the probability of over-curing, while improving the effectiveness of the clean-up stage of cementation. Overall, however, Dentsply holds less than 5% of the permanent dental cements market.

Key Takeaways from the US Dental Cements Market

  • 3M is most popular for its RelyX™ brand of dental cements as it has been in the market for a long time thus proving its effectiveness. 3M holds a leading position in the permanent dental cements market while capturing under 5% of the temporary dental cements market.
  • GC holds the number two spot in the dental cements market thanks to their presence in the Glass ionomer resin market that represents over 30% of the permanent dental cement market. 
  • Kerr holds an outstanding share of the temporary cements market, however, the temporary market is only 13% of the total cements market.
  • Ivoclar used the popularity they had received for the e.max® to push their new cement product. They hold a relatively equal share for both permanent and temporary markets.
  • Dentsply Sirona recently expanded their product portfolio with Calibra®, a self-adhesive cement. Dentsply holds less than 5% of the permanent cements market share. 

Dental Cements Market Forecast

The importance of dental cements has increased over the last few decades as the demand and use of all-ceramic restorations made cement quality and aesthetic characteristics more relevant to patients and dentists. This trend in aesthetic dentistry favored resin cement over its counterparts, as this material proved to be suitable for tooth-colored permanent and temporary restorations. As companies continue to create new and improved products the market will continue to grow. 

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According to the latest market study by iData Research, the overall U.S. dental cements market size was valued at $122 million in 2020, which is a 58% drop from 2019 due to the impact of COVID on the market. In spite of the economic downturn, the US market size is still projected to exceed $300 million in 2026.

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