Dental Materials Market Size, Share & COVID19 Impact Analysis | United States | 2020-2026 | MedSuite | Includes: Dental Cements, Impression Materials, Direct Restorative Materials, Bonding Agents, Core Build-up Materials & Dental Anesthetics

  • Year: 2020
  • Scope: 2016-2026
  • Region: United States
  • Pages: 392
  • Published Date: 12/11/2019
  • Type: MedSuite

By 2020, the U.S. dental materials market size was valued at $1.5 billion, with over 390 million dental material procedures performed every year. In spite of COVID19, the market size is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.7% to reach nearly $2 billion in 2026.

Throughout this medical market research, we analyzed 36 dental materials companies across the United States and used our comprehensive methodology to understand the market sizes, unit sales, company market shares, and to create accurate forecasts.

While this MedSuite report contains all the US Dental Materials market data and analysis, each of the market segments is also available as stand-alone MedCore reports. This allows you to get access to only the market research that you need.


  • Unit Sales, Average Selling Prices, Market Value & Growth Trends
  • Dental Material Procedure Volumes
  • Market Forecasts Until 2026, and Historical Data to 2016
  • Market Drivers & Limiters for Each Dental Materials market segment
  • Competitive Analysis with Market Shares for Each Segment
  • Recent Mergers & Acquisitions
  • COVID19 Impact on the US Dental Materials market
  • Disease Overviews and Demographic Information
  • Company Profiles, Product Portfolios and SWOT for Top Competitors

Dental Materials Market Insights

Financial barriers limit access to dental care and, therefore, limit the U.S. dental materials market across all categories. Despite an unemployment rate of 3.7% in 2019, 23% of Americans lack dental insurance coverage. The sale of dental materials has historically been correlated to the unemployment rate; however, sales have been lower than expected, as employers are not offering the same level of benefits as in previous decades.

US Dental Materials Market Size by Segment, 2016-2026

The aging generation born between 1944-1964, commonly referred to as the “Baby Boomers”, currently has a population of 76 million and will be a major driver of the dental materials market. The baseline health of this generation has improved over previous generations; however, the dental needs of this population will increase with age. This age group is at an increased risk of caries from gum recession and dry mouth from prescription medication use.

The American population is becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of better oral health. This trend is resulting in more trips to the dental office for diagnostic and preventative procedures, such as x-rays and cleanings.

Dental Materials Market Share Insight

US Dental Materials Market Share Leaders

Commonly referred to as the “Big 3” in the dental industry 3M, Dentsply Sirona and Kerr Corporation collectively represented over half of the total U.S. dental materials market share. Outside of the “Big 3,” no other company captured over 10% of the total share.

3M was the leader in six of the dental material segments. 3M’s in-depth market analysis and consultation with dental professionals play a key role in the company’s product development strategy and results in highly differentiated products. Dentsply Sirona captured the second-largest share of the market. It should be noted that, of the top three contenders, Dentsply Sirona was the only company to have products in all segments. Kerr Corporation was the third-largest market player, thanks to innovative products, such as its SonicFill™ line.

Septodont had the largest share of any single company in the anesthetic market. This company’s sales contributed to a notable portion of the dental anesthetic category, thanks to brand loyalty and innovative painless delivery systems, such as sprays. Expansion in South America is a major focus of this company, as it is expanding relationships in Colombia and has recently made acquisitions in Brazil.

3M was the market leader in the dental bonding agent segment. The company ran head-to-head with Kuraray, who ranked as a close second in the same market. Kuraray made strides in this segment due to the dominance this company has in both the total-etch and universal bonding agent markets, with a diverse product portfolio.

COVID19 Impact on the Dental Materials Market in the US

Each market segment was independently evaluated based upon the relative prioritization of dental procedures based on patient confidence and household income. As emergency procedures are unable to be delayed, despite many infected, a small proportion of the dental materials market was preserved, despite offices being closed for approximately 3 months in 2020.

Many individuals have been strongly negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, losing income and/or jobs. As dental spending is highly correlated with household income, it is expected that many procedures will be postponed or canceled until patients are able to replenish lost income and return to a financially stable position.

Detailed Market Segmentation

  • Dental Material Procedure VolumesMedPro – The complete procedural analysis of the US Dental Material market, which includes Dental Cement, Impression Material, Direct/Temporary Restorative, Bonding, Core Build-Up, and Anesthetic procedures.
  • Dental Cements Market – MedCore – In-depth analysis of the Dental Cement market. The chapter is further broken down by:
    • Product Type: Permanent Cement and Temporary Cement;
    • Material Type: Composite Resin, Glass Ionomer / RMGI, Zinc Polycarboxylate, and Zinc Phosphate;
    • Delivery Type: Powder/Liquid, Two-Paste/Syringe, Capsule Systems, and Auto-mix Syringe;
    • Curing Method: Light-Cure, Self-Cure, and Dual-Cure;
    • Application Type: Crowns and Bridges, Posts, Inlays, Onlays and Veneers, Dental Implant Crowns.
  • Dental Impression Material Market – MedCore – The market is comprised of the markets broken down by:
    • Product Type: Vinyl Polysiloxane, Polyether, and Alginate;
    • Delivery Type: Cartridge / Syringe / Garant Gun, Hand-Mix, Dynamic Mixer.
  • Direct Restorative Material Market – MedCore – The analysis dives deep into segmentation by:
    • Product Type: Composites, Glass Ionomer/Resin Ionomer, and Amalgam;
    • Delivery Type: Powder/Liquid, Two-Paste/Syringe, Unit Dose/Capsules, Auto-Mix Syringe;
    • Curing Method: Light-Cure, Self-Cure, and Dual-Cure;
    • Viscosity: Low Viscosity, Regular Viscosity, and High Viscosity.
  • Temporary Restorative Material Market – MedCore – The market consists of the segments, such as Composites, Acrylic, and Other.
  • Dental Bonding Agents Market – MedCore – The analysis is comprised of the segmentation based on:
    • Product Type: Total-Etch, Self-Etch, and Universal;
    • Delivery Type: Two-Paste/Syringe, Brush, and Unit Dose;
    • Curing Method: Light-Cure, Self-Cure, Dual-Cure;
    • Application: Direct and Indirect.
  • Dental Core Build-Up Material Market – MedCore – The chapter is further broken down by:
    • Product Type: Composite Resin, Glass Ionomer/RMGI, and others;
    • Delivery Type: Auto-Mix Syringe, Hand-Mix Powder and Liquid, Pre-Mix;
    • Curing Method: Light-Cure, Self-Cure, and Dual-Cure.
  • Dental Anesthetics Market – MedCore – The market is further broken down into segments by:
    • Product Type: Topical and Local Injection;
    • Drug  Type: Lidocaine, Articaine, Mepivacaine, Bupivacaine, and Prilocaine.


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TABLE OF CONTENTS ILIST OF FIGURES XLIST OF CHARTS XVIEXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1U.S. DENTAL MATERIALS MARKET OVERVIEW 1COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 3MARKET TRENDS 6MARKET DEVELOPMENTS 8MARKETS INCLUDED 13KEY REPORT UPDATES 16VERSION HISTORY 16RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 17Step 1: Project Initiation & Team Selection 17Step 2: Prepare Data Systems and Perform Secondary Research 20Step 3: Preparation for Interviews & Questionnaire Design 22Step 4: Performing Primary Research 23Step 5: Research Analysis: Establishing Baseline Estimates 25Step 6: Market Forecast and Analysis 26Step 7: Identify Strategic Opportunities 28Step 8: Final Review and Market Release 29Step 9: Customer Feedback and Market Monitoring 30


2.1 BASIC ANATOMY 312.1.1 Dental Anatomy: Oral Cavity and Intraoral Landmarks 312.2 DISEASE PATHOLOGY AND DISORDERS 332.2.1 Routine Dental Examination 332.2.2 Dental Emergencies 342.2.3 Restorative Dentistry 34


3.1 PRODUCT PORTFOLIOS 363.1.1 Dental Cements 363.1.2 Dental Impression Materials 393.1.2.1 Alginate 403.1.2.2 Polyether 403.1.2.3 Vinyl Polysiloxane 403.1.3 Direct Restorative Materials 423.1.3.1 Amalgam 423.1.3.2 Composites 423.1.3.3 GI and RMGI Materials 423.1.4 Temporary Restorative Materials 463.1.5 Dental Bonding Agents 473.1.5.1 Total-Etch Systems 473.1.5.2 Self-Etch Systems 473.1.5.3 Universal-Etch Systems 483.1.6 Dental Core Build-Up Materials 493.1.7 Dental Anesthetics 513.2 FDA RECALLS 533.2.1 3.2.1 Dental Cements 533.2.2 Dental Impression Materials 553.2.3 Direct Restorative Materials 573.2.4 Dental Bonding Agents 583.3 CLINICAL TRIALS 603.3.1 Dental Cements 603.3.2 Dental Impression Materials 653.3.3 Direct Restorative Materials 653.3.4 Dental Bonding Agents 71


4.1 INTRODUCTION 744.1.1 Impression Materials 744.1.1.1 Alginate 744.1.1.2 Polyether 754.1.1.3 Vinyl Polysiloxane 754.1.2 Direct Restorative Materials 754.1.2.1 Amalgam 754.1.2.2 Composites 764.1.2.3 GI and RMGI Materials 764.1.3 Temporary Restorative Materials 764.1.4 Bonding Agents 774.1.4.1 Total-Etch Systems 774.1.4.2 Self-Etch Systems 774.1.4.3 Universal-Etch Systems 784.1.5 Core Build-Up Materials 784.1.6 Dental Cements 794.1.6.1 Temporary Cements 794.1.6.2 Permanent Cements 794.1.7 Dental Anesthetics 804.2 MARKET OVERVIEW 814.3 TREND ANALYSIS BY SEGMENT 874.4 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 904.4.1 Market Drivers 904.4.2 Market Limiters 914.5 COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS 944.6 MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS 1064.7 COMPANY PROFILES 1084.7.1 3M 1084.7.2 Bisco 1094.7.3 Coltene Whaledent, Inc. 1104.7.5 Dentsply Sirona 1124.7.6 DMG 1134.7.7 GC Corporation 1144.7.8 Kulzer 1154.7.9 Ivoclar Vivadent 1164.7.10 Kerr 1174.7.11 Kettenbach 1184.7.12 Kuraray 1194.7.13 Tokuyama Dental 1204.7.14 Septodont 1214.7.15 Ultradent Products Inc. 1224.7.16 VOCO Inc. 1234.8 SWOT ANALYSIS 1244.8.1 3M 1254.8.2 Bisco 1264.8.3 Coltene Whaledent, Inc. 1274.8.4 DenMat 1284.8.5 Dentsply Sirona 1294.8.6 DMG 1304.8.7 GC Corporation 1314.8.8 Kulzer 1324.8.9 Ivoclar Vivadent 1334.8.10 Kerr 1344.8.11 Kettenbach 1354.8.12 Kuraray 1364.8.13 Tokuyama Dental 1374.8.14 Septodont 1384.8.15 Ultradent 1394.8.16 VOCO 140


5.1 PROCEDURE OVERVIEW 1415.1.1 Dental Cement Procedures 1445.1.2 Impression Material Procedures 1455.1.3 Direct Restorative Procedures 1465.1.4 Temporary Restorative Procedures 1475.1.5 Bonding Procedures 1485.1.6 Core Build-Up Procedures 1495.1.7 Anesthetic Procedures 150


6.1 INTRODUCTION 1516.2 MARKET OVERVIEW 1536.3 MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 1586.3.1 Total Dental Cement Market 1586.3.2 Permanent Dental Cement Market 1616.3.3 Temporary Dental Cement Market 1646.4 UNIT ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 1676.4.1 Permanent Dental Cement Market by Material Type 1676.4.2 Permanent Dental Cement Market by Delivery Type 1716.4.3 Permanent Dental Cement Market by Curing Method 1756.4.4 Permanent Dental Cement Market by Application Type 1786.4.5 Units Sold by Distribution 1826.5 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 1846.5.1 Market Drivers 1846.5.2 Market Limiters 1856.6 COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS 187


7.1 INTRODUCTION 1937.2 MARKET OVERVIEW 1957.3 MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 2017.3.1 Vinyl Polysiloxane Dental Impression Material Market 2017.3.2 Polyether Dental Impression Material Market 2047.3.3 Alginate Dental Impression Material Market 2077.3.4 Other Dental Impression Material Market 2107.4 UNIT ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 2137.4.1 Dental Impression Material Market by Material Type 2137.4.2 Dental Impression Material Market by Delivery Type 2167.4.3 Units Sold by Distribution 2207.5 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 2217.5.1 Market Drivers 2217.5.2 Market Limiters 2217.6 COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS 224


8.1 INTRODUCTION 2298.2 MARKET OVERVIEW 2308.3 MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 2358.3.1 Total Direct Restoratives Market 2358.3.2 Composite Direct Restoratives Market 2388.3.3 Glass/Resin Ionomer Direct Restoratives Market 2408.3.4 Amalgam Direct Restoratives Market 2438.4 UNIT ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 2468.4.1 Direct Restoratives Market by Material Type 2468.4.2 Direct Restoratives Market by Delivery Type 2498.4.3 Direct Restoratives Market by Curing Method 2538.4.4 Direct Restoratives Market by Viscosity 2578.4.5 Units Sold by Direct Sales 2618.5 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 2638.5.1 Market Drivers 2638.5.2 Market Limiters 2648.6 COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS 267


9.1 INTRODUCTION 2739.2 MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 2749.3 UNIT ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 2779.3.1 Temporary Restoratives Market by Material Type 2779.3.2 Units Sold by Distribution 2819.4 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 2829.4.1 Market Drivers 2829.4.2 Market Limiters 2829.5 COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS 285 DENTAL BONDING AGENT MARKET 10.1 INTRODUCTION 29010.2 MARKET OVERVIEW 29110.3 MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 29610.3.1 Total Dental Bonding Agent Market 29610.3.2 Total-Etch Dental Bonding Agent Market 29810.3.3 Self-Etch Dental Bonding Agent Market 30010.3.4 Universal Dental Bonding Agent Market 30210.4 UNIT ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 30510.4.1 Dental Bonding Agent Market by Material Type 30510.4.2 Dental Bonding Agent Market by Delivery Type 30910.4.3 Dental Bonding Agent Market by Curing Method 31310.4.4 Dental Bonding Agent Market by Application Type 31710.4.5 Units Sold by Distribution 32110.5 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 32210.5.1 Market Drivers 32210.5.2 Market Limiters 32210.6 COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS 325


11.1 INTRODUCTION 33211.2 MARKET OVERVIEW 33311.3 MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 33711.3.1 Total Dental Core Build-Up Material Market 33711.3.2 Composite Resin Dental Core Build-Up Material Market 33911.3.3 GI and RMGI Dental Core Build-Up Material Market 34111.3.4 Other Dental Core Build-Up Material Market 34311.4 UNIT ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 34611.4.1 Dental Core Build-Up Material Market by Material Type 34611.4.2 Dental Core Build-Up Material Market by Delivery Type 34911.4.3 Dental Core Build-Up Material Market by Curing Method 35311.4.4 Units Sold by Distribution 35611.5 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 35711.5.1 Market Drivers 35711.5.2 Market Limiters 35711.6 COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS 360


12.1 INTRODUCTION 36712.2 MARKET OVERVIEW 36912.3 MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 37412.3.1 Topical Dental Anesthetic Market 37412.3.2 Local Injection Anesthetic Market 37712.4 UNIT ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 38012.4.1 Dental Anesthetic Market by Drug Type 38012.5 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 38412.5.1 Market Drivers 38412.5.2 Market Limiters 38412.6 COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS 387




The Dental Materials Market Report Suite| United States | 2020-2026 | MedSuite includes analysis on the following companies currently active in this market:
  • 3M
  • Bisco
  • Centrix Incorporated
  • Coltène/Whaledent
  • Cosmedent
  • Danville Materials
  • Dentsply Sirona
  • DenMat
  • Directa Dental Group
  • DMG America
  • Doxa Dental
  • GC America
  • Glidewell Laboratories
  • Henry Schein Inc.
  • Ivoclar Vivadent
  • J Morita
  • Kerr
  • Kettenbach
  • Keystone Industries
  • Kulzer
  • Kuraray
  • Parkell Inc.
  • Pentron
  • Pierrel Pharma
  • Premier Dental
  • Private Label
  • PROTEC Dental Laboratories LTD
  • Pulpdent Corporation
  • SDI Inc.
  • Shofu
  • SourceOne Dental
  • Sultan Healthcare Inc.
  • Tokuyama
  • VOCO
  • Zest Anchors

iData’s 9-Step Research Methodology

Our reports follow an in-depth 9-step methodology which focuses on the following research systems:

  • Original primary research that consists of the most up-to-date market data
  • Strong foundation of quantitative and qualitative research
  • Focused on the needs and strategic challenges of the industry participants

Step 1: Project Initiation & Team Selection During this preliminary investigation, all staff members involved in the industry discusses the topic in detail.

Step 2: Prepare Data Systems and Perform Secondary Research The first task of the research team is to prepare for the data collection process: Filing systems and relational databases are developed as needed.

Step 3: Preparation for Interviews & Questionnaire Design The core of all iData research reports is primary market research. Interviews with industry insiders represent the single most reliable way to obtain accurate, current data about market conditions, trends, threats and opportunities.

Step 4: Performing Primary Research At this stage, interviews are performed using contacts and information acquired in the secondary research phase.

Step 5: Research Analysis: Establishing Baseline Estimates Following the completion of the primary research phase, the collected information must be synthesized into an accurate view of the market status. The most important question is the current state of the market.

Step 6: Market Forecast and Analysis iData Research uses a proprietary method to combine statistical data and opinions of industry experts to forecast future market values.

Step 7: Identify Strategic Opportunities iData analysts identify in broad terms why some companies are gaining or losing share within a given market segment.

Step 8: Final Review and Market Release An integral part of the iData research methodology is a built-in philosophy of quality control and continuing improvement is integral to the iData philosophy.

Step 9: Customer Feedback and Market Monitoring iData philosophy of continuous improvement requires that reports and consulting projects be monitored after release for customer feedback and market accuracy.

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