Top 3 Global Anesthesia Disposables Vendors in 2021

Endotracheal tube

iData’s full report on the Global Anesthesia Disposables Market includes in-depth information on the following segments,

  • Anesthesia Circuits (Breathing Circuits)
  • Anesthesia Masks
  • Endotracheal Tubes
  • Disposable Laryngeal Masks
  • Reusable laryngeal Masks

As I am sure many are aware, the global pandemic did cause a decrease in the global anesthesia disposables market. Overall, the ecosystem was heavily disrupted as physicians and healthcare professionals experienced mass cancellations and postponements of scheduled surgeries. Despite this, the global anesthesia disposables market is expected to recover and increase by 2027 to reach approximately $1 billion. Three companies in specific are working tirelessly to ensure that their anesthesia disposables products remain on top and are performing well in the years to come. Despite product offerings in varying segments, each company holds a strong portfolio with unique devices offering strategic advantages. 


1: Teleflex

Teleflex is an example of a company that has found a unique way to offer high-quality products in every market segment. Because of this, Teleflex has earned the leading title within the global anesthesia disposables market. Teleflex’s Rusch®endotracheal tubes come in a wide range of tube sizes and are made of temperature-sensitive plastics that allow body temperature to soften the tube for greater patient comfort during use. Teleflex’s ETT has also been shown to have a high correlation between the device’s pilot balloon and the cuff, which allows the physician to monitor cuff pressure with a greater degree of accuracy. Additionally, Teleflex offers the ISIS®HVT, the first-ever convertible endotracheal tube for more flexible airway management.

Teleflex is a global company founded in 1943 and headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Initially, the company catered to the industrial company with its first product being a helical cable and gear to convert push-pull motions into rotary motions. Today, Teleflex is a pure-play medical devices company which caters to the following healthcare markets: vascular access, interventional access, anesthesia, respiratory, urology, surgical, cardiac care, home care and original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

2: Ambu

Following Teleflex, Ambu comes in as the second leader in the global anesthesia disposables market. Ambu was able to generate a large presence within the overall market while only being present in a few segments. Currently, Ambu provides products in the anesthesia circuit segment, as well as the anesthesia and laryngeal mask segments. Ambu sells a variety of reusable and disposable laryngeal masks, including the Aura40™ reusable masks, as well as the AuraGain™, AuraFlex™, Aura-i™, AuraOnce™, and AuraStraight™ disposable masks. The AuraFlex™ is designed specifically to support ear, nose and throat operations, featuring a highly flexible tube that facilitates easy access for the surgeon. 

Additionally, the company also sells disposable, open-cuff silicone and standard silicone anesthesia masks. The UltraSeal® disposable face masks were designed for pediatric patients but also come in a larger size for adults.

3: Medtronic 

Medtronic comes in as the third leader within the global anesthesia disposables market. Medtronic has made a name for itself within the GI market since its entrance in 1949. Currently, Medtronic leads the endotracheal tube market segment within the vast majority of shares. Furthermore, Medtronic bundles its airway management devices with the c brand of ventilator products, allowing the company to maintain a substantial overall presence in the anesthesia and respiratory device markets.

Medtronic is organized into four operating sections: cardiac and vascular, minimally invasive technologies, restorative therapies and diabetes. The minimally invasive therapies group consists of four divisions: early technologies, patient monitoring and recovery, renal care solutions and surgical innovations. The minimally invasive therapies group consists of four divisions: early technologies, patient monitoring and recovery, renal care solutions and surgical innovations.


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