Pacemakers: Top Brands per Segment in the U.S.

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Pacemaker market

Throughout iData’s MedSKU analysis on the U.S. pacemaker market, five companies, over 40 brands, and 45 SKUs were analyzed. Despite many market segments included in the MedSKU analysis, this blog focuses and dives deep into three specific segments:

  • Single-Chamber Pacemakers
  • Dual-Chamber Pacemaker 
  • Leadless Pacemakers 

iData’s recently completed MedSKU analysis includes an overview of the companies, products, and segments. In addition, iData’s analysis includes brand-level metrics such as revenue, units sold, unit share, revenue share, and average selling prices (ASPs). Based on the data, revenue and units sold both increased into Q3’ 21 following a decrease in Q2 ‘20 due to the global pandemic. 


(based on the number of units sold and revenue in the third quarter of 2021)

Single-Chamber Pacemakers

  1. Azure XT SR (Medtronic)
  2. Assurity MRI (Abbott)

Single-chamber pacemakers have one lead that connects the pulse generator to one chamber of your heart. A single-chamber pacemaker controls heartbeat pacing by connecting the lead to the right ventricle in most people. Medtronic has been able to increase its units sold for its Azure XT SR since the second quarter of 2021. Similarly, Abbott’s Assurity MRI generated the second highest number of units sold in the single-chamber pacemaker segment; the number has been increasing. As expected, the revenue generated for Medtronic’s Azure XT SR has been exponentially increasing since an initial drop in Q2 ‘20. Surprisingly, Abbott and the company’s Assurity has remained stable in terms of revenue over the reporting period even throughout Q2’ 20 and COVID-19.

Dual-Chamber Pacemaker 

  1. Azure XT DR (Medtronic)
  2. Assurity MRI (Abbott)

With two leads, dual-chamber pacemakers connect to both chambers on the right side of your heart, the right atrium and the right ventricle. The doctor programs the dual-chamber pacemaker to regulate the pace of contractions in both chambers. With this pacemaker, the two chambers work together in harmony, contracting and relaxing in a rhythmical manner. Right atrial contractions allow blood to flow into the right ventricle properly. Overall, the dual-chamber pacemaker market has been increasing since the fourth quarter of 2020. In terms of the most units sold, Medtronic’s Azure XT DR leads. Following Medtronic was Abbott with the company’s Assurity MRI dual-chamber pacemaker. Abbott’s product has been steadily increasing after standing still throughout Q3’ 20 and Q4’ 20.

Leadless Pacemakers 

  1. Micra AV (Medtronic)
  2. Micra VR (Medtronic)

Evidently, Medtronic dominates the leadless pacemaker market. Medtronic states that unlike most pacemakers that are placed in a patient’s chest with leads running to the heart, Micra is a leadless pacemaker because it’s implanted directly into the heart. Since Q4’ 19, the leadless pacemaker market has been experiencing exponential growth in terms of both revenue and units sold. Medtronic’s Micra AV has been experiencing the greatest growth when compared to Medtronic’s Micra VR. Despite this, both of the products have been performing very well within this market and aren’t far apart in terms of units sold and revenue. Because of this, we are excited to continue observing this market and these two products into 2022.


The MedSKU solution allows you to: quantify the impact of COVID-19 on the market, understand the market response to new product launches and determine the most popular product configurations (brands, dimensions, materials, etc.), and answer specific questions like:

– How has the market shifted in 2020 and 2021 following product recalls?

– Which catheter/console is the market shifting towards/away from the most? 

– How have certain products trended following changes in distribution?

– Has the market recovered from COVID-19? Are any competitors falling behind due to the pandemic?


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Emma MatrickPacemakers: Top Brands per Segment in the U.S.