Olympus to Acquire Taewoong Medical: Strengthening its GI Endotherapy Portfolio for Improved Patient Outcomes

Olympus acquires taewoong

Olympus Corporation, a renowned global medtech company known for its innovative solutions that enhance people’s lives, has announced a new acquisition. Taewoong Medical Co., Ltd, a leading Korean manufacturer of medical devices such as gastrointestinal (GI) metallic stents, will join the Olympus family. This strategic acquisition will strengthen Olympus’ GI endotherapy product portfolio capabilities and bolster its commitment to improving patient outcomes through comprehensive solutions. The move marks a significant step forward for Olympus, as it seeks to expand its global footprint and provide patients with the best possible care. Let’s dive into these two companies and the presence that this acquisition could have in the global market.

Taewoong Medical

Taewoong, a South Korean company, focuses mainly on manufacturing medical metallic stents for GI and urology applications, as well as RFA treatment. The company distributes its stents to 70 countries worldwide through exclusive national distributors, leveraging their expertise and experience in each respective country.

Taewoong’s innovative approach, technical expertise, and patient-centric focus have contributed significantly to its success. The company’s metallic stents have demonstrated efficacy in treating obstructions or strictures resulting from cancer or other illnesses. With the aging population leading to a rise in cases of biliary cancers, metallic stents have become a common treatment option. Taewoong’s stents, offered at a more affordable price than competitors, have become a popular choice for patients seeking cost-effective solutions.


Olympus has long been a major player in the GI market and, in 2022, it emerged as the top global market share leader according to our latest research. The company’s dominance extended to various segments, including GI endoscopes, capsule endoscopy, ERCP, biopsy forceps, polypectomy snares, and EUS needles and hemostasis. Despite increasing competition, Olympus maintains its position in the global market by consistently delivering high-quality devices.

In December 2021, Olympus identified GI as one of the primary disease states to focus on in its medical business strategy. In July of the same year, Olympus Innovation Ventures, the company’s venture capital fund, made its first investment in Virgo Surgical Video Solutions. This investment allowed Olympus to work closely with an innovative company and improve clinical outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and enhance patients’ quality of life.

As Olympus strategizes its GI position in 2023, it plans to integrate Taewoong Medical’s medical devices into its existing product portfolio. This move will enable the company to expand its offerings in the GI market, providing comprehensive solutions and becoming a one-stop-shop for patients. This will play a vital role in enhancing patient outcomes and elevating the standard of care in the GI field.

In Summary

In summary, Olympus’ integration of Taewoong Medical’s devices into its product portfolio positions the company to provide a more comprehensive range of solutions in the GI market, potentially leading to improved patient outcomes and an elevated standard of care. Given that Olympus has identified GI, Urology, and Respiratory as key segments and has set goals accordingly, it is expected that the company will continue to seek out and pursue investments, expanding its product offerings through collaborations with new companies.


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