Okapi Medical Announces New CEO and Successful Clinical Study

Okapi Medical Announces New CEO and Successful Clinical Study
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Wound Care startup Okapi Medical recently announced the appointment of new CEO Darren Obrigkeit, Ph.D. Dr. Obrigkeit brings more than 20 years of experience in medical devices and will add to the already experienced Okapi team, joining co-founders Dr. David Kay and William Fuller.

Okapi Medical completed their successful studies from August through December 2019, demonstrating the value of their patented wound closure technology, Cutiva. With the completion of the testing milestone, Okapi has progressed to working on development of its unique closure system.

Cutiva, is the first to incorporate a major advancement in medical adhesive chemistry since the 1990s. The technology platform is based on a portfolio of issued and pending international patents licensed from the University of Akron’s world class polymer science department.

According to iData Research, The U.S. market for wound closure was valued at over $3 billion in 2018, an increase of 5.6% over the previous year. This market includes sutures, staplers, ligating clip appliers, skin closure strips, mesh and cyanoacrylate-based skin closure systems, zip surgical skin closure systems and cyanoacrylate-based tissue adhesives. Many of these products have been used in the wound closure industry, but new technologies are becoming increasingly prominent.

Dr. David Kay, co-founder and inventor at Okapi Medical, made a statement on the following,

“This represents the next generation in wound closure. Cutiva excels where existing adhesives fall short and breathes new life into options for closing wounds. This unique chemistry enables the creation of truly dynamic, skin-like adhesives for the first time. Cutiva will allow for far superior wound healing in an entirely cost-effective way.”


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To get in an in-depth market overview of 19 countries, with insight through primary research and procedural volumes, please read iData Research’s’ 3,924 page Wound Care Market Analysis, Size and Trends Report.

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