New ATTUNE® Revision Knee System from DePuy Synthes

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DePuy Synthes, part of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, announced the US launch of the ATTUNE® Revision Knee System, to complement the ATTUNE Primary Knee System and provide surgeons with a comprehensive solution for knee replacement. The ATTUNE Revision Knee System was introduced at the 2018 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA.

While knee replacement is widely recognized as one of the most common and successful surgical procedures, approximately five percent of patients will require a revision surgery 10 years after the initial procedure for a variety of reasons.  Revision surgeries can create complexities particularly in cases where large bone defects present reconstruction and fixation challenges. The ATTUNE Revision Knee System aims to address some of those challenges through improved kinematics, fixation and patient fit. With both fixed-bearing and rotating platform options, it is one of the most comprehensive revision knee systems available on the market today.

“The ATTUNE Revision Knee System provides the implant options I need to treat a variety of patient anatomies including more metaphyseal sleeve sizes, offset adaptors, stems and fixation choices,” said Dr. Douglas Dennis, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Denver, CO. “The ATTUNE Revision Knee System incorporates the advantages of the ATTUNE Primary Knee System such as AOX™ Polyethylene, enhanced locking mechanisms and improved kinematics via the ATTUNE GRADIUS™ Curve condylar geometry.”

In a large, multi-center study, the ATTUNE Primary Knee System demonstrated improved outcomes across a broad range of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) compared to certain existing knee brands at one-year minimum follow-up. The same technologies that helped deliver these outcomes are also incorporated in the ATTUNE Revision Knee System, helping to address overall patient satisfaction.

“The ATTUNE Revision Knee System introduces a new chapter in the ATTUNE Knee story,” said Rajit Kamal, Vice President and Global Platform Leader, Knees, DePuy Synthes. “With six years of successful clinical history and more than 575,000 ATTUNE Primary Knees implanted worldwide, the new ATTUNE Revision Knee System allows us to bring proprietary technologies of the ATTUNE Knee System to more patients around the world.”

The ATTUNE Revision Knee System is designed to work in harmony with the patient’s anatomy to deliver stability in motion during activities such as stair ascent or descent, walking uphill or downhill or getting up from a chair through:

  • – ATTUNE GRADIUS Curve is designed to address the unnatural sliding of the femur on the tibia, to provide smooth motion and stability during everyday activities
  • – GLIDERIGHT™ Articulation is designed to enable the ATTUNE Knee design to more accurately replicate the normal patello-femoral kinematics of the native knee

The ATTUNE Revision Knee System is now available in the US.

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