LYNCH Biologics Relaunches GEM21S Dental Biomaterial

GEM21S Growth-factor Enhanced Matrix Product Photo, Courtesy of LYNCH Biologics

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Tennessee-based LYNCH Biologics is a biotechnology company that provides treatments for patients that are experiencing difficulties with healing from anything ranging from a foot ulcer to dental surgery. In an effort to expand their product portfolio, they have relaunched the GEM21S Growth-factor Enhanced Matrix back into the market. The dental biomaterial was acquired from Luitpold Pharmaceuticals in September of last year. The transaction transferred all ownership rights over to LYNCH Biologics.

The GEM21S Growth-factor Enhanced Matrix utilizes the highly purified bioactive protein rhPDGF-BB and combines it with an osteoconductive matrix, ß-TCP. This dental therapy treats the following periodontal defects: furcation, intrabony, and gingival recession associated with periodontal defects. The bioactive protein rhPDGF-BB is well known for aiding in wound healing by recruiting and stimulating cells within the surrounding tissues and is found in the human body.

Through an in-depth market analysis, iData Research has found that the growing number of general practitioners (GPs) placing implants is driving the total markets for dental bone graft substitutes and other biomaterials. As the volume of dental implant procedures are increasing, so is the use of dental growth factors. Handling characteristics are essential features of dental growth factor products. Due to their chemical and biological composition, these products are easier to apply than conventional bone graft materials. Growth factor solutions are often provided in liquid form, allowing them to be combined with bone graft substitutes by end users to suit their purposes. As the GEM21S is the only dental growth factor containing rhPFGF-BB, it is expected to generate a positive impact for the overall market.

Lynch Biologics states that the GEM21S Growth-factor Enhanced Matrix Systems “synthetic grafting system is engineered to stimulate wound healing and bone regeneration when implanted in the body by triggering a cascade of molecular events that continues on even after the implanted rhPDGF-BB is gone.”


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