Hologic Launches the MyoSure® MANUAL Device to Help Doctors Remove Intrauterine Tissue In-Office

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Hologic, Inc. recently announced the U.S. launch of the MyoSure® MANUAL device, which was designed to help doctors more easily resect and remove intrauterine tissue in office settings when used with the MyoSure hysteroscope.

The MyoSure MANUAL device joins the MyoSure suite of gynecologic surgical products. The complete MyoSure system is a minimally invasive hysteroscopic treatment for women with problematic tissue that requires no cauterization, which preserves uterine form and function. The system enables quick and convenient removal of tissue, including a range of fibroids and polyps that may be the root cause of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (AUB), which affects up to 30% of pre-menopausal women.1

“We recognize the increased demand for in-office procedures, and seek to develop innovative solutions to provide flexibility and convenience for both physicians and patients,” said Edward Evantash, M.D., Medical Director and Vice President of Medical Affairs, Hologic. “The MyoSure MANUAL device was designed for in-office tissue removal procedures, requiring minimal setup and no vacuum or fluid management system, while offering direct visualization when used with the MyoSure hysteroscope.”

The MyoSure MANUAL device has a fully integrated vacuum that does not require external suction, and can be operated with a one-liter saline bag. There is no need for a controller or additional capital equipment for fluid management. The clear tissue trap allows visual confirmation of tissue removed during the procedure and holds up to 4g of tissue; it also detaches to send to pathology. In addition, the MyoSure MANUAL device gives physicians multi-function control of the 360° blade.

“The MyoSure MANUAL device is an exciting addition to Hologic’s growing portfolio of gynecologic solutions, developed with the patient and physician in mind,” said Sean Daugherty, President of GYN Surgical Solutions at Hologic. “This addition to the MyoSure product suite signals our ongoing commitment to providing effective surgical solutions that can be performed in office to address our customers’ needs and improve the overall patient experience.”

Other devices in the MyoSure suite of products include the MyoSure®, MyoSure® REACH, MyoSure® XL, and MyoSure® LITE devices.

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iData ResearchHologic Launches the MyoSure® MANUAL Device to Help Doctors Remove Intrauterine Tissue In-Office

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