Everything You Need to Know About the European Transcatheter Embolization Market

Transcatheter Embolization

The European Transcatheter Embolization Market is expected to see steady growth over the next 6 years. In 2022, the European Transcatheter Embolization Market was worth just under $290 Million. By 2029, this is expected to increase to a value of $330 Million.

What is Transcatheter Embolization?

Transcatheter embolization is the practice of introducing material into the vasculature to induce blood flow occlusions. Transcatheter embolization is effective for treating vessel malformations, such as aneurysms, fistulae and bleeding. If left untreated, some of these arteriovenous malformations can ultimately lead to stroke. In addition, transcatheter embolization is an effective therapy for blocking blood flow to tumors or organs, thus starving the target tissues. Specialized particles, such as drug-coated and radio-opaque beads, are used for the targeted delivery of drugs and for radiation therapy, respectively.

What segments of the market does iData provide analysis on?

The Transcatheter Embolization Market is segmented into 4 types of devices:
– Particle embolics
– Coil Embolics
– Liquid Embolics
– Plug Embolics

What is Driving the Transcatheter Embolization Market?

The Transcatheter Embolization Market is primarily driven by its effectiveness in providing solutions for various medical conditions. By occluding blood flow within the vasculature, it offers a valuable treatment option for aneurysms, fistulae, and other arteriovenous malformations, reducing the risk of complications such as rupture. Additionally, transcatheter embolization is increasingly utilized for the targeted delivery of embolic material to treat abnormal growths like fibroids or cancers. As companies continue to innovate in this field, the popularity of transcatheter embolization is expected to grow.

Another significant driver in the market is the increasing number of trained professionals capable of performing this specialized procedure. Given the complexity of transcatheter embolization procedures, physicians must undergo specific training to acquire the necessary skills. As the pool of trained professionals expands, it leads to an increase in the number of procedures that can be performed, thereby driving the growth of the market.

Which Companies Lead the Transcatheter Embolization Market?

Boston Scientific, Cook Medical and Medtronic lead the way in the European Transcatheter Embolization market. Interestingly, the companies all had very high performing products within the coil embolic market. Boston Scientific held a leading position with its range of embolization products. After selling its Embozene® and ONCOZENE™ Microspheres to Varian Medical Solutions, Boston Scientific acquired TheraSpheres® and DC-Beads®, entering the drug-eluting and radioactive particle segments. Cook Medical ranked second with its Cook® PVA Foam Embolization Particles and various coil embolic product lines. Medtronic followed closely with the Concerto™ detachable coil system and Onyx® Liquid Embolic System, primarily used for intracranial arteriovenous malformations.

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