Dental Implant Market to Exceed $3 Billion in U.S. and Europe by 2023

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According to the latest series of reports by iData Research, the United States and Europe market for dental implants and computer-guided surgery is estimated to reach $2.4 billion USD in 2018. Both regions are being driven by two key trends, including the improvement and uptake of new technologies, as well as the growing prevalence of cost-sensitive implant companies offering relatively inexpensive solutions for the average dentist.

Historically, premium dental implant companies have dominated the competitive landscape, but they have lost share in recent years to a vast number of value and discount brands that produce cost-saving alternatives. As a consequence, the overall average selling prices offered by premium companies, such as Straumann and Dentsply Sirona, have experienced substantial declines in their efforts to remain competitive. As part of expanding efforts to retain loyal customers, instrument kits are often being given away and treatment planning software is now included in a bundled solution. Despite the persistent price depreciation, both the mature and developing markets continue to generate moderate levels of sales volume growth, thereby creating a minimal net effect on market value.

The combined dental implant market value in the U.S. and Europe is projected to exceed $3 billion USD by 2023. Growth in these markets has spurred the development of new technologies that facilitate implant placement and restoration. Advancements in digital dentistry, including CAD/CAM systems and 3D printing, will drive further growth in the industry overall.

In the United States, CBCT scanners, which assist in designing 3D models to analyze bone density and jaw structure, are quickly gaining popularity. Likewise, new developments in 3D-printing technologies have allowed the fabrication of increasingly accurate surgical guides. The surgical guide market is forecasted to exhibit the highest annual growth rates; in contrast, the treatment planning software market is expected to remain relatively flat, as the market with the slowest growth.

A key development in Europe is the rapidly increasing uptake of patient-individualized CAD/CAM solutions in the final abutment market. CAD/CAM abutments demonstrate a significant progression in aesthetics and clinical outcomes, relative to traditionally used stock and custom cast abutments. Demand for improved aesthetics has also led to an increase in the use of abutments made from more expensive ceramic materials. It is expected that the European market will continue to adopt CAD/CAM technology over the forecast period, generating consistent growth for the final abutment market.

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