C.R. Bard Hernia Repair Device FDA Cleared

Phasix ST Mesh System Product Photo, Courtesy of C.R. Bard

C.R. Bard, a subsidiary of BD, has announced the recent clearance of their hernia repair device, The Phasix ST Mesh. This latest innovation is a naturally derived bioreabsorbable mesh, is long-lasting and is coated with a hydrogel barrier which allows it to produce a strong repair with the requirement of a permanent implant. As well, it is designed for intraabdominal placement of the patient.


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The Phasix ST Mesh also comes with the Echo 2 Positioning System for ventral hernia repair as a secondary option to a permanent mesh. This system allows for a more accurate and reliable mesh placement for minimally invasive hernia repairs. Through preclinical tests, it was determined that the Echo 2 can save surgeons up to 30% more time during mesh placement, when compared to a traditional flat mesh.  

Namir Katkhouda, MD, professor of Surgery, University of Southern California explained,

“while effective care options exist for patients, Phasix ST Mesh with Echo 2 Positioning System works with the body to rebuild tissue while gradually and predictably remodeling the area of weakness to provide a more durable repair.”

In a recent research study from iData, Biologic devices are becoming more commonly used for ventral hernia repair. As the use of biologics has become broadened in ventral hernia repair, the clinical data and follow-up safety documentations have been accumulating. This has been guiding more surgeons to make informed decisions about the use biological products in hernia repair. As a naturally derived bioreabsorbable mesh, The Phasix ST Mesh can expect to drive positive growth in the hernia repair segment of the soft tissue repair market.

Michael Garrison, worldwide president of Surgery at BD, also said in a statement,

“Phasix ST Mesh’s promising results in the treatment of hernias, coupled with the deployment technology of the Echo 2™ Positioning System, has the potential to make this device the preferred choice for surgeons performing abdominal hernia surgeries.”

The Phasix ST Mesh System showed that it can aid rapid tissue ingrowth while providing twice the strength when compared to other bioreabsorbable meshes.


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