Access Scientific Completes Study Demonstrating Superior Anti-Thrombotic Properties of POWERWAND Midlines and Extended Dwell Catheters

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Access Scientific, LLC announced the completion of an in vivo study demonstrating the superior anti-thrombotic (i.e., anti-clotting) property of its unique intravascular catheter material, ChronoFlex C® with BioGUARD™ technology.

The study found that ChronoFlex C with BioGUARD demonstrates thrombo-resistance where it matters most — on the surface of the blood vessel. No other catheter material has demonstrated this clinically important effect.

While other catheter manufacturers claim anti-thrombotic properties that reduce thrombus (clot) formation “on the surface of the catheter,” these anti-thrombotic claims cite in vivo or in vitro studies that show diminished thrombus formation solely on the surface of the catheter. This finding is often and mistakenly conflated with deep vein thrombosis (DVT) – a condition known to be associated with high-risk complications like bloodstream infection or blood clot embolization. There is no evidence that thrombo-resistance on the surface of the catheter has any effect on diminishing DVTs in actual patients.

This announcement may serve to explain, at least in part, why Access Scientific’s POWERWAND™ catheters consistently demonstrate fewer DVTs and fewer total complications (including bloodstream infections) than other catheters used for similar purposes. “We now know it is not just the POWERWAND atraumatic insertion techniques that allow the vessel lining to remain clean and smooth,” said Steve Bierman MD, the company’s Chief Medical Officer. “It is also the catheter material, ChronoFlex C, and our patented BioGUARD processing, that makes POWERWAND anti-thrombotic both on the catheter surface and on the vessel wall.”

As hospitals continue to face the pressures of Value-Based Purchasing, novel products like POWERWAND offer solutions that both improve patient outcomes and reduce overall costs.

Access Scientific said that in the coming months it will reveal the results of another completed study (pending publication). Combined with the current announcement of superior anti-thrombogenicity, this next study demonstrates the value of ChronoFlex C with BioGUARD as the ideal material for a wide variety of indwelling vascular catheters.

About Access Scientific, LLC 

Access Scientific, LLC, based in San Diego, Calif., is an evidence-based, infection prevention company offering innovative vascular access devices designed to reduce the need for and risk of vascular device-related complications, including bloodstream infections.


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