Zip Surgical Reveals Positive Results from Zip® Surgical Skin Closure

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ZipLine Medical, Inc. announced the recent publication of positive results from two significant clinical studies in two peer-reviewed journals demonstrating that use of Zip® Surgical skin closure leads to better clinical outcomes and healthcare cost savings than do surgical staples.

A randomized study on patients having bilateral knee replacement found that the Zip device generated better clinical and patient experience benefits when compared to traditional, surgical staples.

“The Zip closure improved the patient experience, and as a result, I have changed my practice to include Zip closure in all knee arthroplasties,” said Dr. Benner. “Patients reported less pain, improved cosmetic outcomes, and even improved early function by improving range of motion.”

According to iData Research, one of the major drivers of this market is the consistent influx of newer technologies. For example, within the largest segment of this market, plate and screw, the market growth is supported by introduction of newer materials (i.e. titanium), locking/hybrid systems and anatomical plates. These higher cost systems are driving the market by replacing their legacy counterparts. The market is limited by purchasing entities and third-party insurers reducing costs by ignoring the differences between the various type of plates and screws. In such circumstances, a single price is set for what the entity would be willing to pay for a certain construct, which discourages the use of the more expensive options available on the market. Although the trauma market is maturing, there are still significant

“The results of this study provide insight on how a simple change in the closure methodology can lead to potential downstream cost savings, especially in a bundled payment model,” said Dr. Emerson. “In the study, we noticed that patients were apprehensive about staple removal and concerned when they saw redness around their staples, which in some cases triggered antibiotic prescriptions to avoid possible infection.”


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