Wireless Ventricular Assist Device Announced by Leviticus Cardio and Jarvik Heart

FIVAD imagery, courtesy of Leviticus Cardio

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Global heart failure experts have unveiled the successful human implantation of FIVAD (Fully Implanted Ventricular Assist Device). This announcement took place at the National Research Center for Cardiac Surgery conference in Astana, Kazakhstan. Almost simultaneously, the Journal for Heart and Lung Transplantation published an article about the FIVAD implantation.

The technology that powers FIVAD is based on innovations by Leviticus Cardio, using patented Coplanar Energy Transfer (CET) to wirelessly power the ventricular assist device (VAD). This baseline was compiled into a heart pump from Jarvik Heart Inc, a known manufacturer of VADs.

Severe heart failure can lead to the implantation of a VAD rather than a heart transplant. However, VADs require a continuous power source connection, leading to a cumbersome wire exiting from patients’ bodies. This can greatly limit quality of life and often lead to serious infections that can cause hospitalization or other severe complications. FIVAD aims to eliminate this detriment with their fully implanted system, which powers a Jarvik 2000 pump wirelessly using components from Leviticus Cardio, allowing patients the freedom to walk for up to 8 hours a day without and hindrances.

Cardiac surgery market research published by iData Research reveals that the ventricular assist device market is exhibiting tremendous growth, with a CAGR in the double-digits in the United States. A large potential patient population of 600,000 is helping to drive this market along with favorable reimbursement policies. Additionally, technological improvements as VAD technology matures has made surgeons and patients more confident in VAD usage, driving overall growth. Despite this, the invasive nature of VAD implantation is likely to limit growth in the coming years as the CAGR stabilizes into a slow decline.

Michael Zilbershlag, Leviticus Cardio’s CEO and Peter Hinchliffe, Jarvik Heart Inc. president and COO, together stated “The FIVAD system is a game changer for anyone suffering from severe heart failure. We hope that this successful operation will be the first of many and that our system will soon provide thousands of patients with the ability to carry on with a normal life, despite their disease.”


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