What are the Most Popular Ventilators by Brand and Segment in the U.S.?

Ventilator marketiData Research recently completed a detailed SKU-level analysis on the U.S. market for ventilators. The analysis includes an overview of the companies and brands. In addition, the MedSKU analysis includes revenue, units sold, revenue share, unit share, and average selling prices (ASPs). Based on the data, revenue and units sold have been decreasing in 2021, which has continued into the second quarter of the year. Despite this, one company and its products, ResMed, maintained a dominant stance within this market. 


Overall, the revenue generated from the 17 companies in the U.S. market for ventilators analysis exceeded $142 million by the end of the second quarter in 2021. Despite the seemingly large number, this value was slightly lower than the overall revenue generated throughout the previous quarter. COVID-19 created market fluctuations, forcing all companies to re-analyze their strategies surrounding the return to pre-COVID levels. Both units sold and revenue for all 17 U.S. companies analyzed increased significantly due to the extreme demand for ventilators during the global pandemic. Since the initial spike the market has been recovering back to pre-pandemic levels, hence the decreasing market.


(based on revenue and units sold in Q2 ‘21)


iData’s analysis covers ten brands offered by multiple different companies in the acute-care segment. When looking at the results from the second quarter of 2021, Medtronic leads this segment in revenue and units sold. Medtronic one has one product offering within this segment, the Puritan Bennett 98C. Despite generating the largest overall revenue and number of units sold, the results are lower than those for Q1 ‘21. Almost every other brand within the acute-care segment decreased into Q2 ‘21 aside from Hamilton Medical who managed to increase their units sold and revenue slightly.  

Emergency Transport

In the emergency transport segment our analysis looked at the details for 13 major ventilator brands. By a large margin, the most popular ventilator brand was the HAMILTON-MR1 by Hamilton Medical. The company offers two products within the emergency transport segment including the HAMILTON-MR1 and its HAMILTON-T1. Because of COVID-19, the market and segment has been decreasing significantly between Q3 ‘20 and Q4 ‘20. However, the largest market decrease has been between Q1 ‘21 and Q2 ‘21, putting strain on the companies and products. 


Thirdly, iData’s analysis included covering 14 brands within the neonatal ventilator segment. Draeger, by a fairly large margin, took the lead within this segment in terms of both revenue and units sold. Although the company offers two brands within this segment, the Babylog VN500 and the Babylog VN500 Elite, only one experienced success. The Babylog VN500 Elite is the most popular brand within the neonatal ventilator segment, and has generated almost five times more revenue than any of the other competing brands. 


Moving forwards, iData’s MedSKU analysis continues and looks into 9 brands within the non-invasive ventilator segment. One company, overall, generates the vast majority of revenue and units sold within this segment. Philips completely dominates the non-invasive ventilator segment with two of its products, the V60 and the V60 Plus. However, one product takes the lead and in this case the V60 Plus is the most popular ventilator in terms of overall revenue. However, one brand offered by ResMed, the Lumis Tx, takes the lead in the number of units sold. Because ResMed sells its products at a low ASP, in comparison to Philips, the company is able to sell a lot more of their product while generating less revenue.


Lastly, in the sub-acute segment, our analysis looked at the details for 8 major brands. By a significant margin, the most popular ventilator brand in terms of revenue was the Bellavista 1000 byVyAire. The company offers two products within the sub-acute segment including the Bellavista 1000 and itsLTV 2200. In terms of overall units sold, the HAMILTON-C1 by Hamilton Medical takes the lead. Because of COVID-19, the segment has been decreasing significantly between Q3 ‘20 and Q4 ‘20. However, the market spiked in the third quarter of 2020 before decreasing again into Q2 ‘21.


MedSKU (™) is an accurate brand-level custom solution from iData. MedSKU provides a level of detail for a go-to strategy of medical device companies of any size. The analysis of ventilators is one of many studies that provide up-to-date data and trends on the ASPs, units sold, unit share, revenue, and revenue shares of the top-performing products in the U.S.


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