Ventilator for Lung Protection from Nihon Kohden

NKV-550 Ventilation System Product Photo, Courtesy of Nihon Kohden

Irvine-based Nihon Kohden, has developed a new product in the ventilator market. The NKV-550 Series Ventilator System is the latest offering from the precision medical products and services organization.

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The device streamlines patient needs by merging invasive/noninvasive ventilation and high-flow oxygen therapy into one machine. By doing so, clinicians can provide better patient care because they do not need to change devices. What is also innovative about the NKV-550 from Nihon Kohden is that it offers Protective Control, which uses a secondary graphic interface. This interface is placed outside of the room of the contagious patient who is under mechanical ventilation in order to safely keep them in isolation, while also protecting the clinician.

When looking into the ventilator segment of anesthesiology, iData Research found that the market for ventilators has been ever evolving. Improvements have been made in reducing the size of the technology to offer more portability and make ventilators more functional. While older ventilators were largely mechanically controlled, newer ventilators are processor controlled and offer tremendous operational flexibility. These technological developments increase the competitive advantages of purchasing new equipment and will incentivize replacing older equipment. When considering that 42 healthcare workers per million employed die every year from infections acquired at work, and how Nihon Kohden’s NKV-550 protect clinician and patients, the company’s product can positively contribute to the ventilator market.

“Every product we bring to market is designed to simplify workflow for clinicians and benefit patients,” said Yasuhiro Yoshitake, President and CEO of Nihon Kohden America. “We saw a tremendous need in the respiratory market for a comprehensive ventilator that could respond to any patient situation while also providing excellent usability using modern technology.”

The ventilator uses an app-based design, providing a guided process to help create a more streamlined, systematic approach to help clinicians take care of their ventilated patients.


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