Top U.S. Dental Equipment Companies [2022 Edition]

u.s. dental equipment market

Dental operatory equipment comprises devices that are used to assist in the daily operation of dental offices. During 2022, the price of dental operatory equipment increased by a mid-single-digit rate over the previous year. Although growth varied across segments, the majority experienced modest to high growth in the U.S. market. Due to excitement surrounding our 2023 U.S. dental operatory equipment report, and the growth experienced within this market, we wanted to share some key competitive insights. Continue reading below to access the competitive intel and receive a complimentary executive summary.


iData’s U.S. dental equipment market report includes several unique markets: 

  • Dental Treatment Center Market: A dental treatment center comprises a dental chair, a dental stool, an operatory light and a delivery unit. 
  • Dental Cabinetry Market: The dental cabinetry market comprises five designs, namely 12 o’clock, side, center island, stericenter and mobile cabinets. 
  • Dental Handpiece Market: Dental handpieces, also known as dental drills, are mechanical devices designed for use with rotary instruments, such as burs, stones, wheels and discs, that perform a variety of tasks within an operatory. 
  • Curing Light Market: Curing lights harden direct restorative materials, such as composite resins, cements and other adhesives used to fill cavities or root canals. 
  • Ultrasonic Scaler Market: Scaling is a conventional non-surgical procedure that removes and eliminates plaque and calculus. 
  • Intraoral Camera Market: Intraoral cameras are supplementary imaging devices used to capture images of a patient’s mouth. 
  • Caries Detection Device Market: There are several different methods of detecting caries, including the visual-tactile method, radiography, caries-detecting dyes and light-based caries diagnostic devices. This report will focus on the last category.
  • Dental Autoclave Market: The process of sterilizing dental instruments, such as handpieces, begins with cleaning the instruments using a washer or an ultrasonic cleaner. The instruments are then treated in dental autoclaves.
  • Dental Vacuum System Market: Dental vacuums utilize a rotary vane and a pump to provide suction for procedures performed in the dental operatory. 
  • Dental Air Compressor Market: Dental air compressors pressurize air for use in handpieces and other instruments during dental procedures. 
  • Practice Management Software Market: Dental practice management software (PMS) is an administrative tool that aids the operation of dental practices. 
  • Dental Microscope Market: Dental microscopes are used to magnify dentists’ vision while performing treatments. 
  • Dental Laser Market: Dental surgical lasers have a wide variety of applications ranging from general dentistry, dental hygiene, periodontology, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics and orthodontics. 


  1. A-dec
  2. Midmark 
  3. DCI Edge


Austin Dental Equipment Company (A-dec) is a global medical company focused on manufacturing dental equipment, such as dental chairs, stools, delivery systems, monitor mounts, dental cabinets, handpieces, dental lighting and small equipment. A-dec maintained its position as the market leader in the overall U.S. dental operatory equipment market in 2022. The company has built a strong reputation in the market as a trusted provider for dental treatment centers and dental cabinetry, which resulted in its leading position in both of the respective markets as well.


Midmark Corporation is a multifaceted medical equipment manufacturer, catering to medical, dental and veterinary markets. Its medical product portfolio includes power procedure chairs, examination tables and chairs, digital diagnostic units, diagnostic instruments, cabinetry, workstations, autoclaves, lighting, seating and automated patient flow units. Midmark was the second-leading competitor in the overall market in 2022 and the leading competitor in the dental autoclave market that year. In addition to leading the dental autoclave market, Midmark also held a top-three ranking position in all other markets it competed in: dental treatment centers, dental cabinetry, vacuum systems and air compressors.

DCI Edge

DCI Edge is located in Newberg, OR. Cabinets from DCI Edge include Ortho Cabinets, Series 5 Cabinetry and Series 4 Cabinetry. DCI Edge was the third-leading competitor in the U.S. dental operatory equipment market. The company acquired the ranking because of its second position in the dental cabinetry market. The company produces chairs and stools, delivery systems, operatory lights, cabinetry, etc.


Because of the recent U.S. dental equipment market report release, we wanted to highlight the top three companies. If you want to request a complimentary executive summary for the 2022 U.S. dental operatory equipment market, click on the button below.


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