Top Global Oxygen Concentrator Companies and Their Products

Oxygen Concentrator Device

Oxygen therapy devices, including oxygen concentrators, treat patients who are no longer able to receive adequate volumes of oxygen through the breathing of natural air. Specifically, oxygen concentrators separate oxygen from ambient air and deliver the oxygen directly to the patient. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the market for oxygen concentrators saw an increase.

COVID-19 is a respiratory disease. As a result, high-flow stationary oxygen concentrators were in demand to treat those with severe symptoms. Following global vaccinations and the *hopeful* return to a pre-pandemic world, iData’s analysts predict that the market will decrease in 2021 following the surge in 2020, and will then continue to increase from there. Three leading companies within this market with unique product offerings are taking advantage of the surge in demand and are experiencing growth.

Who are the Top 3 Global Oxygen Concentrator Companies?

Three oxygen concentrator companies account for over 70% of the global market, with shares in North America, Western Europe, and the rest of the world. The three companies are:

  1. Philips
  2. Inogen
  3. CAIRE 

Philips leads in the global anesthesia, respiratory, and sleep management device market, including the oxygen concentrator market. A few strengths for Philips include its worldwide recognized brand name, loyal customer base, and extensive industry experience. However, Philips is a large company and, as a result, tends to lack the specialization that smaller companies offer. Because of this, Philips struggles in specific niche areas. 

Inogen comes in as the second-most leading competitor in the oxygen concentrator market. This U.S. company focuses solely on oxygen concentrators with solutions for both portable and stationary use. Opposite to Philips, Inogen is smaller, and because the company is only in the oxygen concentrator market, they have been able to identify niche areas and articulate their products to fit these spaces. 

Last but not least, CAIRE is the third leading competitor. CAIRE provides oxygen delivery to patients and has for over 50 years. This company offers a diversified portfolio of products in the oxygen concentrator market, allowing it to remain specialized. CAIRE is especially known for catering to military purposes and is otherwise known as a highly reliable brand.

What products do these companies offer?

For oxygen therapy devices, Philips offers a range of stationery and portable concentrators. Currently being featured is Philip’s SimplyGo line of portable concentrators. The standard SimplyGo product weighs only 9 pounds and is truly innovative in the industry. Similarly, this device has capabilities for both continuous and pulse flows of up to six LPM (liters per minute). Philips also offers slightly less portable but more sophisticated options, such as the EverFlo oxygen system which is on wheels and easily transportable, weighing 31 pounds.

Inogen, on the other hand, offers the Inogen One® product line. The company’s newest innovation is the Inogen One G4®, which offers one to three LPM settings and is carried around within a strap case. The lightweight solution is the most recent generation of the brand’s more portable and lightweight One G® family of concentrators. Inogen also markets a stationary home-based model of concentrators. These are also relatively light and quiet and offer an energy-efficient, continuous flow option.

CAIRE is well known for pioneering portable oxygen concentrators under the AirSep brand and being the first to gain approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its portable concentrator. The company also offers a line of transportable concentrators under the brand name, SeQual™, which are larger than the portable line but designed with wheels to be wheeled around. CAIRE also offers a line of stationary AirSep concentrators, as well as liquid oxygen systems and military applications.

Want Further Insights?

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