Smart Toe, Phalinx, and HammerTube Lead as the Most Popular Hammertoe Devices and Implants in the U.S. Market

Smart Toe (Stryker) - Hammertoe treatment marketiData Research (“iData”), a global consulting and market research firm, has released exclusive research in the U.S. hammertoe devices market, addressing brand-level insights including company, brand, type (allograft, kit, implant, rod, screw), length, width, height, and size. Based on the data, the market declined 40-50% in Q2’20 over the previous quarter. However, in Q1 ’21 the outlook is even better than before with both revenue and units sold signaling a strong recovery and the best Q1 of the last 3 years.

MedSKU (™) is an accurate brand-level custom solution from iData that provides a level of detail for a go-to strategy of medical device companies of any size. The study on the Hammertoe market is one of many studies that provide up-to-date data and trends on the ASPs, units sold, unit share, revenue, and revenue shares of all the top-performing products in the U.S. 

iData’s analysis covers over 250 products to develop insights on prices, units sold, and market shares. Based on the number of units sold in the first quarter of 2021, Smart Toe by Stryker is the most popular brand followed by Stryker’s Phalinx brand and Paragon 28’s HammerTube brand.

In some hammertoe procedures, surgeons are able to use screws. Arthrex is the company with the most widely sold screws. They owe their success to the Compression FT Screw System. Additionally, allografts, kits, and rods are the other types of devices analyzed. The number of units sold in Q1 ’21 shows a very close competition among three brands: HammerFix from Extremity Medical, InterPhlex from OsteoMed, and Hat-Trick Pip from Smith & Nephew.

“The U.S. hammertoe market is showing interesting signs of recovery after the negative impact of the pandemic”, says Dr. Kamran Zamanian, Senior Partner and CEO of iData Research, “This recovery can be attributed to the innovative abilities of the top companies along with the increasing market presence of the smaller companies”

MedSKU uses primary data from 1000s of reporting hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) to gather purchase order data and sales information. After combining this with rigorous primary research, ongoing for over a decade, MedSKU is able to deliver a cross-verified and highly accurate depiction of the market, unlike any other.

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