Top Dental 3D Printing Companies in the United States

Top Dental 3D Printing Companies in the United States

Dental 3D printing is a rapidly evolving technology that is becoming a large part of the digital workflow in many laboratories and orthodontic settings. With the US market expected to break $100 million in 2021, over 31 companies are vying for a share of the market.

Navigating this growing industry can be challenging, so we have compiled a list outlining the Top Dental 3D Printing Companies to help you make better strategic decisions.

Top Dental 3D Printing Companies In the US

1. Carbon
2. EnvisionTEC
3. 3D Systems

Carbon’s 3D Printers

Carbon is the leading competitor in the U.S. dental 3D printing market. Its proprietary Digital Light Synthesis™ technology is a form of digital light processing (DLP) technology that has been aggressively marketed to dental laboratories. Carbon’s exclusive partnership with Dentsply Sirona’s Lucitone™ Digital Print denture base material has helped it quickly secure a major position within the overall U.S. dental 3D printing market.

Carbon offers its 3D printers on a lease model only, typically on a three or five-year term. These lease options result in relatively high prices compared to its competitors, making Carbon a premium option within the dental 3D printing market. Carbon’s unique business model and strong customer support have enabled it to obtain a strong foothold in the market.

EnvisionTEC’s 3D Printers

EnvisionTEC is the second leading competitor in the U.S. dental 3D printing market. Its product portfolio covers a range of product categories, but its flagship Envision One® line of printers is a popular choice within the Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D printer market. EnvisionTEC’s printers operate on a selectively open system; users are not limited to EnvisionTEC resins, but instead are limited to resins that EnvisionTEC validates for use with its printers. The selectively open model provides advantages to consumers; they are not limited to one manufacturer’s resins, but also have the assurance of some level of validation of all of the workflows available to them.

3D Systems’ Printers

3D Systems is the third leading competitor in the U.S. dental 3D printing market in 2020. Its product portfolio includes a wide range of sizes, indications, and technologies. 3D Systems is one of the only competitors operating within the metal dental 3D printing market, with its DMP Dental 100®. Its ProX® 800 printer is one of the only large-format Stereo Lithography Apparatus (SLA) 3D printers on the market.

Dental 3D Printing Market Analysis & Forecast

In 2021, the U.S. dental 3D printing market is expected to reach $100 million. The market size is expected to greatly increase over the next few years at a yearly growth rate of nearly 7% to reach over $143 million in 2027. This growth is attributed in part to recent innovations and FDA approvals allowing dental 3D printers to have a much wider range of indications. It is now possible to produce denture bases, teeth, crowns, and bridges entirely using 3D printing technology.

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3D printing provides advantages in a variety of settings; first of all, waste is significantly decreased in comparison to subtractive manufacturing. Second, 3D printing systems are capable of producing products such as models, clear aligners, night guards, and surgical guides in large quantities and at low material costs.

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