Top 5 Surprising Developments in the U.S. Dental Materials Market

u.s. dental materials market

According to the latest findings by iData Research, the U.S. dental materials market is limited by financial barriers. Despite an unemployment rate of 3.5% by the end of 2022, roughly 29.8% of Americans lack dental insurance coverage. The sale of dental materials has historically been correlated with the unemployment rate; however, sales have been lower than expected, as employers are not offering the same level of benefits as in previous decades.

In spite of this trend, there has been a lot of action within the U.S. dental materials market and multiple companies have made strategic product launches and acquisitions to improve their market positioning in 2023 and beyond. Continue reading to learn more about these companies and their devices:


  1. In November 2021, DenMat received a patent for a caries-resistant composite material. With this patent, DenMat will be able to create an innovative platform that can be used for virtually any restorative material that aims for strength, esthetics, and long-term clinical success.
  2. In December 2021, Septodont acquired the portfolio of 4 dental care brands and related medical devices from Sanofi. This portfolio, from Sanofi, includes Ultracain, Rodogyl, Birodogyl, and Dontisolon and related medical devices. These will allow Septodont to benefit patients both during and after dental operations.
  3. In January 2022, Zest Dental Solutions terminated its distribution agreement with Zimmer Biomet. Zimmer Biomet was responsible for selling Zest’s LOCATOR, LOCATOR R-Tx overdenture abutments, LOCATOR Implants (LODI), and all other products. However, now all of the above can be purchased through a dental laboratory, a Zest dental distributor, or directly through Zest.
  4. In September 2022, Kerr Dental announced the relaunch of Nexus™ RMGI. Incorporating Smart Response Ion Technology, NexusTM RMGI is an advanced resin-modified glass ionomer luting cement. NexusTM RMGI’s relaunch provides additional antibacterial properties that prevent secondary caries, according to studies.
  5. In October 2022, 3M announced the launch of its new product, 3M Filtek Matrix. This product is a restorative product that makes the placement of composites more predictable and less stressful for dentists and more inexpensive for patients. 


According to iData’s Dental Materials Market Report, the U.S. market is expected to reach a valuation around $2.1 billion by 2029. iData’s U.S. dental materials market report includes dental cements, dental impression materials, direct restorative materials, temporary restorative materials, dental bonding agents, dental core build-up materials and dental anesthetics.

Additionally, iData’s full report includes metrics such as unit sales, average selling prices (ASPs), market values, market trends, a complete competitive analysis and COVID-19 analysis, along with market drivers, market limiters, and more. 

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