Top 3 Market Share Leaders in the Global Dental Implant Market

Top competitors in the global dental implant market

In 2023, the global dental implant market saw significant competition among leading companies, each vying for market share through innovation and strategic growth. With a global market value exceeding $6.1 billion in 2023 and expected to reach $9.2 billion by 2030, there’s plenty of room for growth and market share to obtain. Throughout this blog we dive into the three market share leaders within the global dental implant market and expand on what each is doing to maintain, or increase, their positions.

1. Straumann Group

Straumann Group emerged as the strongest competitor in the dental implant and final abutment market in 2023. The company’s dominance is attributed to its brand name recognition and a proven track record of developing top-tier dental implants. Straumann has carved a niche in the premium implant segment, leveraging a comprehensive suite of dental-implant-associated products that drive success across diverse applications.

A significant factor in Straumann’s market leadership is its subsidiary, Neodent, which has become a pivotal player in the value implant segment. Neodent’s success has bolstered Straumann’s overall market presence, ensuring the company’s leading position. Moreover, Straumann’s continuous focus on mergers and acquisitions has substantially enhanced its profile, positioning it for sustained leadership in the dental implant industry.

2. Envista

Envista secured the position of the second-leading competitor in the dental implant and final abutment market in 2023. The company offers products across all market segments, though it does not dominate any single segment. This broad product offering and strategic differentiation present Envista with significant growth opportunities, particularly in improving its margins and accelerating the growth of its dental products.

Envista’s revenue, approximately 40% of which comes directly from implant sales, is supported by an aging population, advancements in dental digitization, and the growth of dental service organizations (DSOs). The company’s journey to its current market position began in 2019 when Danaher announced the spinoff of its dental division, including Nobel Biocare and Implant Direct, to form Envista. Envista went public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker NVST, using IPO funds to complete its separation from Danaher. Now fully independent, Envista continues to strengthen its market presence and product offerings.

3. Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona was the third-leading competitor in the dental implant and final abutment market in 2023. The company is particularly strong in the surgical guide and treatment planning software segments, alongside being a major player in dental implants and final abutments. Dentsply Sirona’s diversified product portfolio positions it well to capture growth across all market segments.

The company’s value-based brand, MIS Implants, allows it to meet the demands of price-sensitive consumers, further expanding its market reach. Dentsply Sirona’s strategy of launching around 30 new products annually keeps its portfolio robust and innovative, maintaining its competitive edge in the dental products and technologies market.


The global dental implant market in 2023 was marked by fierce competition among its top players. Straumann Group’s strong brand and strategic acquisitions, Envista’s broad product range and independence, and Dentsply Sirona’s innovation and diverse offerings highlight the dynamic and competitive nature of the market. Each company’s unique strategies and strengths ensure they remain at the forefront of the dental implant industry, driving advancements and meeting the evolving needs of dental professionals and patients alike.

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