Study Shows Cook Biotech’s OASIS® Wound Matrix Exceeds Standard of Care

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A recently published trial revealed that patients had higher rates of healing when treated for fill-thickness stage III/IV pressure ulcers with OASIS® Wound Matrix and standard of care (SOC) than when using solely SOC. The study showed that the group treated additionally with OASIS® demonstrated a statistically significant difference in healing rates throughout the fourth to twelfth weeks.

While both OASIS®-treated and typical SOC-treated groups both reduced ulcer surface by 35-40% over the first three weeks of treatments, the OASIS®-treated group showed a further reduction in ulcer surface over the subsequent nine weeks, ending with an average 66% surface area reduction. Additionally, at 12 weeks, only 29% of patients treated with SOC alone healed completely, while patients treated with OASIS® as well achieved a rate of 40%.

According to lead investigator Marie Brown-Etris, “OASIS is designed to attach to the wound bed and serve as a scaffold to help guide the natural growth of new tissue. I particularly like to incorporate OASIS Wound Matrix under non-adhesive foam dressings when a wound has stalled, or I want to stimulate healing.”

Market research published by iData research shows that advanced wound dressings such as the OASIS® Wound Matrix have been exhibiting stable growth of above 6% CAGR. Additionally, the prevention of pressure ulcers is a significant driver for this market as hospital-acquired pressure ulcers are denoted on Medicare’s “Never Events” list as they are an ailment that will not be reimbursed under any circumstances. As such, it is in hospitals’ best interest to prevent pressure ulcers as significantly as possible to mitigate costs to the institution. Therefore, the OASIS® Wound Matrix would likely be a popular product in this segment due to its aforementioned proficiency in healing pressure ulcers quickly and thoroughly.

Finally, the study also reported that no significant difference in adverse events occurred between the SOC and OASIS®-treated groups, showing that the product has a strong safety profile. While OASIS® Wound Matrix is manufactured by Cook Biotech Inc., it is distributed in the U.S. by Smith & Nephew Inc.


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