Straumann Partners with Z-Systems for Ceramic Implant Distribution

Implant, Straumann.

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Straumann, a leader in the dental implant space, has entered a partnership with Z-Systems in order to broaden their scope of ceramic implant offerings. Through this agreement, Straumann has obtained exclusive distribution rights of Z-Systems’ next-generation line of implants, which features a two-piece design for flexibility and ease of handling. This new line from Z-Systems complements Straumann’s existing PURE ceramic implant range, allowing them a combined force of the widest range of ceramic implants on the market.

The implant offers the novel perk of a ceramic connection screw, which makes it the first two-piece screw to be both metal- and plastic-free. The agreement provides Straumann with a 34% stake in Z-Systems in return for a capital injection for growing Z-Systems’ production capacity and pipeline development.

Marco Gadola, Chief Executive Officer of the Straumann Group, commented: “We are convinced that ceramic implants offer substantial growth opportunities and will continue to gain popularity, driven by increasing clinical experience and the improved flexibility provided by two-piece solutions. Together with Z-Systems, we offer the widest range of ceramic implant options supported by digital workflows and biomaterial solutions. The combination of our expertise, research capabilities, sales power and global reach position us a leading force in the global ceramic implant market.

Market research published by iData Research shows that Straumann Group is the second-leading competitor in the U.S. dental implant and final abutment market, trailing ever so slightly behind Nobel Biocare. However, this new partnership gives Straumann a great opportunity to expand their share of the overall market through the dental implant segment, as this category alone outweighs the neighboring surgical guide, treatment planning software, dental implant instrument kit, and final abutment markets combined.


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